Bizzy Bites Horse Toy and Lick Review

BIZZY BITES toy and lick review

Bizzy Bites Horse Toy and Lick review* In this article, we review the Bizzy Bites toy and lick. The Brand were kind enough to supply us with a Bizzy Bites ball and lick. The Bizzy Bites ball is quite large, with the lick fitting inside the toy (ball). The outer structure is solid and features small round solid lumps on two sides, and long grooves on the other, making the toy ideal for our younger horse as it acts as a teether for younger horses. The ball comes in two…

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Toggi Barnsdale Wellington Boots Review

Toggi Barnsdale Wellington Boot Review

This winter, we were given the opportunity to review the Barnsdale Wellington Boots, a new release boot from leading British equestrian and country heritage brand Toggi. Product info Designed to be stylish, comfortable, and practical, the Barnsdale Wellington Boots are the perfect choice for any countryside or outdoor adventure where waterproof and warm footwear is essential. From bitter mornings on the yard to brisk seaside walks or a stroll to the local country pub, the Barnsdale Wellington Boots will ensure the wearer arrives with dry feet and toasty toes.  The…

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Mud Control – Tried and Tested from NETTEX

Tried and Tested NETTEX

This month we review two products from the NETTEX Mud Control Range to help you out should you horse suffer with mud fever. Mud fever can strike at any time of the year, but is mostly found during the colder, wetter, winter months. Having products you know can help prevent the problem will help set you and your horse up for a happy healthy winter. Creating a barrier against the elements will mean your horse can be turned out more frequently (when available), will prevent suffering, and of course will…

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Pivo Pod Active Review: Equestrian Edition

Pivo Pod Active

We provide a thorough review of the Pivo Pod Active from an equestrian perspective. We assess the device from both a mechanical and functional standpoint by producing a video of its use, a list of pros and cons, and a summative conclusion. About the Pivo Pod Active for Equestrians The Pivo Pod Equestrian Edition is a bundle containing all the essential accessories to record your riding performance and daily progress or even join remote video training sessions. The new edition, released since this review started, now includes a wireless mic to enable conversations…

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AniMac Allrounder Fly Rug Combo – Review

animac allrounder fly rug combo

AniMac Allrounder Fly Rug Combo – Review The AniMac Allrounder Fly Rug Combo was sent in for review, this month. Claiming to be heat and fly-protective, we put the AniMac Fly Rug to the test. Here’s what we thought! AniMac Allrounder Fly Rug Combo – Review The AniMac Allrounder Fly Rug Combo, on first impressions, was a life-saver for the changeable weather of the UK. Designed trialled, and tested in New Zealand, we were reassured that this rug would keep our horse cool and protected, even on the hottest days.…

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Enduro Labs Equine Fitness Tracker Review

Enduro Labs Equine Fitness Tracker

Enduro Labs Equine Fitness Tracker Review The Enduro Labs Equine Fitness Tracker was in for review this month. Testing and monitoring the fitness of our horses, we put the equine fitness tracker through its paces to give you the low-down on this innovative product. About Enduro Labs Enduro Labs is an equestrian brand with a vision to bring accessible health and training data into the field of equestrianism. Supporting training goals and overall welfare of horses throughout their working life, the data collected by Enduro Labs’ technology can be utilised…

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Pommel Leg Up Hoof Balm Review

Pommel Leg Up Hoof Balm Review

Pommel Leg Up Hoof Balm Review Check out our Pommel Leg Up Hoof Balm review. Giving you a reliable low down, we discover the pro’s, con’s, and best ways to use this innovative hoof health product! Pommel Leg Up: About Pommel Leg Up Hoof Balm works to alleviate dry and cracked hooves, made with hemp, shea and tea tree. With a balm consistency, it claims to be the perfect no-mess moisturiser without clogging the porous hoof wall. The natural additions of shea, lavender, and tea tree are know for their antibacterial and…

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Pommel Velvet Mane Spray Review

Pommel Velvet Review

Pommel Velvet Mane Spray Review Check out our Pommel Velvet Mane Spray review. Tested over a one month, we review the pro’s, con’s, and discover the best ways to use the innovative mane spray. Pommel Velvet: About The Pommel Velvet Mane Spray is a brand new and unique grooming product to the market. With a natural ingredient list, free-from paraben and SLS it’s not only good for your horse’s coat but for the environment too! Claiming to have great stain removal properties whilst detangling, Pommel’s Velvet Mane Spray set it’s in the prime…

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Spurtar LED USB Rechargeable Hanging Lamp tried and tested

Spurtar LED USB Rechargeable Hanging Lamp charging

REVIEW: Spurtar LED USB Rechargeable Hanging Lamp This month we reviewed the Spurtar LED USB Rechargeable Hanging Lamp following purchase for use down the stable yard over the winter. Product information Dimensions: 9.9 x 9.9 x 21.6cm Brightness: 60 Watt USB Charge, small cable included. Perfect for outdoor lighting, the Spurtar Rechargeable Hanging Lamp is a multi-purpose item you won’t want to leave the house without during the dark winter months when going to work outside. With 5 different light modes, this lightweight portable lamp comes with a small hook…

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Holland Cooper Carl Hester Gilet Review

Holland Cooper Carl Hester Gilet Review

Holland Cooper Carl Hester Gilet Review Product Review:: Everything Horse This month we trialled the new Holland Cooper Carl Hester Gilet. The brand, favoured for its high-end style and quality, teamed up with Carl Hester to design yet another fantastic item to add to their existing portfolio of equestrian apparel. Read on to find out more on our thoughts and findings. Delivery The gilet comes beautifully wrapped and presented in a box with a message printed on the inner, which offers the customer a personal touch. All boxes are ticked…

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Bucas Atlantic Turnout Rug 400 Tried and Tested

Bucas Atlantic Turnout 400 Rug Review

REVIEW: Bucas Atlantic Turnout Rug 400 This month we review the Bucas Atlantic Turnout Rug 400 via video by highlighting the product’s best features, sizing and fit. The Bucas Atlantic is available from Zebra Products, where you will find a selection of sizes available. To watch our video, click the play button below. Essential product information: ♦ Waterproof ♦ Breathable ♦ Silky Derma Care lining ♦ 400 fill ♦ Extremely hard-wearing ballistic nylon outer ♦ Smart front closure magnet to quickly secure and keep in place – great for fidgety horses!…

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Equi-Spa Tried and Tested

Equi-Spa product review

This month Everything Horse and sponsored rider, Steph Gumn, were given the chance to trial a selection of products from Equi-Spa, a US-based company delivering non-toxic grooming products to the equestrian industry. The Fairy-Tails trio includes a lotion, spray, and oil which can be bought separately, but in our opinion would make a perfect trio of gifts for any horse lover. We also trialed ‘The Balm’, another item from the range of Equi-Spa products. Equi-Spa Balm About the Product The Equi-Spa Balm helps moisturize and soften dry, irritated skin allowing…

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Elite Equine Supplements Tried and Tested

Elite Equine Supplements Product ReviewPRODUCT REVIEW

Elite Equine Supplements Review The Rosehip Company launched a brand new product into the UK’s equine market during July 2019, namely: Elite Equine Supplements, a 100% organic Rosehip supplement for horses. Rosehip, known for many decades to be advantageous to human health, has now been proven to offer benefits to the horse’s health and immune system too. Elite Equine is a 100% natural supplement for horses, designed to support all-round good health, a healthy immune system and healthy joints and suppleness. Made solely from the powder extracted from the Rosa…

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Aztec Diamond Mesh Insert Show ShirtTried and Tested

Aztec Diamond Mesh Insert Show Shirt Review - front image Donna Harrison Equestrian

Aztec Diamond Mesh Insert Show Shirt Review Last month sponsored rider Donna Harrison, from Harrison Equestrian reviewed the Aztec Diamond Mesh Insert Short Shirt. Donna chose to wear the Mesh Insert Show Shirt during the Trailblazers Championships (27th – 28th July), here’s what Donna had to say: “I wore the Aztec Diamond Mesh Show Shirt during my Trailblazers Championship Class. Initially, I was worried that I would get hot and sticky as I have done when wearing other show shirts in the past, especially with the pressure of the event…

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Epona Tiger’s Tongue Tried and Tested

The Epona Tiger Tongue

The Epona Tiger’s Tongue groomer is lightweight, easy to clean and scrapes away mud with ease. Dead hair is captured in the sponge-like structure, as is grease and other debris. Great to use when bathing as the groomer acts as a sponge, massaging the horse’s skin at the same time as vanishing stains and dirt. Easy to clean!! To wash out simply hold under running water, warm or cold, and use a little shampoo to help remove any grease build-up and/or to clear debris. The groomer dries in no time…

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Carl Hester Collection Azar Gilet Tried and Tested

Carl Hester Collection Azar Gilet Review

Carl Hester Collection Azar Gilet Review :: Product Reviews  Equisafety, leader of hi-visibility clothing, last month announced the launch of their new and exclusive range of equestrian apparel, the Carl Hester Collection. Here we review the gilet, one of the three new items from the riding and country clothing range. First Impressions Count …  On the first impression, expect to be wowed! Without a doubt, the quality and style of the range represent the man behind the collection, Carl Hester. The gilet forms part of the new and exclusive three-piece…

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Young Horses and The Sprenger Dynamic RS Full Cheek Bit for Bitting

Sprenger Dynamic RS Full Cheek Bit

Deciding which bit to use when starting a horse can be quite confusing due to the number of different types available on the market. Making sure you choose a bit that sits comfortably in the horse’s mouth, encouraging acceptance from early on, is essential in the starting process for any young horse. Getting it right now will pay dividends later down the line. Here we take a closer look at the Sprenger Dynamic RS Full Cheek Bit. With it’s unique angled lozenge, full cheek pieces and Sensogan material, we were…

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JustJodz Riding Leggings Tried and Tested

JustJodz Riding Leggings Review

JustJodz Riding Leggings Review Continuing with our product reviews for June, here we put the next generation horse riding leggings from JustJodz to the test. Comfortable and versatile four-way stretch riding leggings from JustJodz If you get frustrated by how breeches become restrictive and uncomfortable in the saddle, then JustJodz riding leggings offer an affordable solution to the problem. The stretch and feel of the leggings offer complete comfort and flexibility, whether in the saddle or mucking out. Ideal for spring/summer wear, the lightweight fabric offers the wearer breathability and…

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Askwith Short Riding Coat Tried and Tested

This month we were delighted to welcome the Askwith Short Riding Coat in for trial, especially with the wet weather that continues to sweep the United Kingdom. Read on to learn more on our thoughts on this striking lightweight riding and country wear coat. Perfect for those summer showers, the Askwith Short Riding Coat from is your answer to staying warm and dry over the summer months.   The coat is comfortable, stylish and comes out true to size. There are lots of features that are tailored with the…

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Bow and Arrow Unisex Country Boots Tried and Tested

Bow and Arrow Unisex Country Boots

Beautiful Boots for All Outdoor Occasions, the Bow and Arrow Unisex Country Boots  PRODUCT REVIEW** The Bow and Arrow Unisex Country Boots are a striking pair of boots the wearer will be sure to love from the minute they are put on. Ideal for a larger calf, as the boots are cut only to reach only halfway up the leg, they are comfortable and warm making even the coldest of days ‘doable’, especially when working on a stable yard. The sole offers a good grip and acts as a shock absorbing…

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Botanica Tried and Tested, a Must for Sweet Itch Sufferers

Botanica review - Beauty with Sweet Itch Scabs summer 2018

Botanica review for horses with sweet itch. Do you have a horse that suffers from sweet itch each year? Are you looking for effective products for the treatment and prevention of this terrible condition? If so, then the following product review from Botanica’s equine care range will be of great interest to you. Made from 100% natural ingredients, Botanica Natural Skin Care offers a range of products suitable for sweet itch, mud fever and other problems. The Trial We trialled two products from the Botanica range on a horse suffering from…

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Likit Products Horse Toys Tried and Tested

Likit products and bizzy bites review

REVIEW Likit Products Horse Toys Make Summer Grazing Tasty and Fun for Your Horses – updated 16.7.18 This month we, or should we say our horses, trialed a number of the Likit products as a solution to finding suitable horse toys for our youngsters. Our fields are almost bare. We’re having to supplement our horses intake more than usual as the damage caused by the long wet winter and unusually dry summer has meant, although sectioned, fields are struggling to recover. We wanted to be able to add a little fun to…

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Nettex Mane and Tail Detangler Tried and Tested

nettex mane and tail detangler

Nettex Mane and Tail Detangler Review The Nettex mane and tail detangler is Everything Horse’s top-rated detangling spray. We chose to rate the product 5 out of 5 for overall effectiveness and cost. The product will leave horse hair free-flowing, and dirt free. Excellent to use at any time of the year, the horse’s mane and tail will not only look good but will smell good too (after use). When looking for a mane and tail detangler three questions immediately spring to mind: Cost Effectiveness Smell Ideally, we need a…

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Rambo Fly Buster Vamoose Rug Tried and Tested

Horseware Vamoose Flybuster Rug review

Rambo Fly Buster Vamoose Rug Review The Fly Buster Vamoose Rug from Horseware offers your horse complete protection from insects and flies at the same time as offering UV protection. Our thoughts The rug really does give you the feeling your horse is completely protected. From head to toe, the horse is covered in a super lightweight, soft and flexible mesh which has been infused with Vamoose fly repellent. The neck, shoulder and tail flap is lined with a silky material to assist in the prevention of rubbing. The tail cover…

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MIO Lite Turnout Rug Tried and Tested

mio lite turnout

Mio Lite Turnout Rug Review from Everything Horse, Summer 2018 The Mio Lite Turnout rug is an ideal choice for horse owners this spring due to being lightweight, water resistant and breathable. It’s also a great option for autumn, or for those horses with a thick coat in winter too. Product Information The Mio turnout rug is a 600D fully waterproof, yet breathable rug for turnout during spring, summer and autumn. The rug has a classic Horseware fit, so it’s best suited to horses with narrower shoulders. The inner lining…

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