Equi-Spa Product Review

Equi-Spa product review

This month Everything Horse and sponsored rider, Steph Gumn, were given the chance to trial a selection of products from Equi-Spa, a US-based company delivering non-toxic grooming products to the equestrian industry. The Fairy-Tails trio includes a lotion, spray, and oil which can be bought separately, but in our opinion would make a perfect trio of gifts for any horse lover. We also trialed ‘The Balm’, another item from the range of Equi-Spa products.

Equi-Spa Balm

About the Product

The Equi-Spa Balm helps moisturize and soften dry, irritated skin allowing natural healing to take place. The Balm, which contains beeswax and soy wax, also acts as a barrier to protect against summer pests.

equi-spa balm
Equi-Spa balm

Our Trial

We chose to try the Fairy-Tails Balm on our cremello’s nose, which is prone to damage due to it largely being pink, with little to no hair coverage during the summer months. Our horse, Zareen, doesn’t like to wear nose shields and is sensitive to sun-block lotions. Sun-blocks cause him to itch and excessive use of full head shields makes him reluctant to be caught (he’s lovely really) , so keeping his nose protected proves difficult throughout the summer.

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We applied the balm a couple of times a week, mainly in the evening. There’s little to no smell, which is excellent when it comes to applying to the horse’s nose, and being a balm there’s no waste if the horses refuses to stand still. Over the course of a few weeks, the skin was calm, soothed and maintained a healthy colour.

Perfect for: Sensitive, damaged skin

Fairy-Tails Spray & Lotion

About the Products

Both the Fairy-Tails Spray and Lotion are formulated with botanical extracts, pure essential oils, minerals and amino acids to detangle, manage and enhance manes and tails naturally!

The Fairy-Tails Lotion is designed to go that little bit further and is ideal for horses that don’t like sprays, or for those with heavier set manes and tails. The product requires the user to apply a small amount to the palm of the hand, before rubbing through the horse’s mane and tail. After leaving the product in, for up to two minutes, brush through with ease.

Equi-Spa Lotion and Spray
Equi-Spa Lotion and Spray

Our Trial

Everything Horse sponsored rider, Steph Gumn, who regularly prepares horses for sale and grading, trialed both products on her younger horses.

Said Steph:

“I have been using both conditioning spray and lotion for the past month on a variety of horses at my yard. Horses have ranged from 2-year-olds going for their gradings to 3 and 4-year-olds being prepared for clients and sales videos. I normally use baby oil on manes tails and coats for that quick detangle and shine when required, but I decided to give a more made for purpose product a go!

“The spray is easy to use and smells amazing! It’s quiet and doesn’t upset the young horses who would never have anything like that used on them before. It helped me get through their wild tails quickly and did keep them knot-free for a few days after use, it also made them shine without being too greasy.

“I found the lotion best used in between the spray and baths to add a bit of extra shine and condition to the tails. It’s harder to apply the lotion to a tangled tail evenly, so extra care needs to be taken here for full coverage, but the spray is really good at this. Overall I was really pleased with both products and I think they complement each other well. They also really do smell amazing!

“It helped me get through their wild tails quickly and did keep them knot free for a few days after use, it also made them shine without being too greasy.”

∼ Steph Gumn ∼

Spray perfect for: Everyday grooming

Lotion perfect for: Horses with heavy manes and tails

Fairy-Tails Oil Gloss 

Our favourite product in the range! When it comes to finishing a horse’s tail, especially for the show ring, the Fairy-Tails Oil Gloss ticks every box.

About the product

The product is formulated with coconut and orchid oil extract, pure essential oils, minerals and amino acids. The non toxic formula helps detangle, manage and enhance manes and tails naturally.

Our review

We found you can use this product on its own, or following the Fairy-Tails spray. It’s very easy to use, simply apply the oil gloss to an already tangle-free, clean mane and tail by adding a little into the palm of the hand, before running through the horse’s mane and tail.

The smell is fabulous, and ultimately the horse’s mane and tail is left silky, with a high shine and smells divine. Once applied, repeat application is only required a few times a week.

“The smell is fabulous, and ultimately the horse’s mane and tail is left silky, with a high shine and smells divine”

∼ Lucy Bennion, Everything Horse ∼

Perfect for: Show day

Despite being US-based, the company ships to the UK. All four products arrived quickly, in adequate packaging to prevent damage.

For more information on Equi-Spa, visit www.equispa.com


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