PRODUCT REVIEW Bizzy Bites Horse Toy and Lick

BIZZY BITES toy and lick review

PRODUCT REVIEW Bizzy Bites Horse Toy and Lick

Having trialled the Likit horse toy range, here we move onto the Bizzy Bites toy and lick.

An immediate favourite, both horses made light work of the Bizzy Bites lick inside the toy. The outer structure is solid and features small round solid lumps on two sides, and long grooves on the other, making the toy ideal for our younger horse as it acts as a teether. Once the lick had run out (took about three days with two horses left 24 hours in the field) the horses continually returned to it.

The Bizzy Bites multi-functional stable and field toy which soon became a favourite once they both realised how tasty the treat inside was.

Although we left the toy to roll around in the field, it can also be used in the stable and is recommended to be hung from stable walls.

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The lick comes out of the storage container with little to no effort.  The toy structure requires minimal assembly, with clear instructions on how to ‘put together’ on the side of the box. Once inserted, the tasty lick is held securely in place.

Ingredients and consumption

The Bizzy Bites treat refill is available in mint or original.

The treat contains only natural sugars and when fully consumed, is equivalent to a sugar intake matching four hours of grazing.

Where to buy

The Bizzy Bites toy and lick is available to purchase via Amazon, Naylors Equestrian, Viovet as well as other retailers.

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