Horse Health Problems

Horse Health Problems Explored

Here we look at the most horse health problems that can affect our equines at any time of the year. From topical issues arising due to seasonal changes to the more common recurring conditions and diseases, we’ve added links below for you to learn more.

There are a number of post types for each condition, problem, and/or disease.


Managing a horse with laminitis

Managing a horse prone to laminitis

Managing a horse prone to laminitis can be daunting. By educating yourself on the topic, you give your horse or …
Laminitis, a typical stance of a horse or pony suffering from laminitis

Laminitis in Horses

Laminitis is an extremely painful condition affecting the sensitive layers (laminae) of the hoof resulting in pain, inflammation and in …
Laminitis study

Laminitis and the Horse’s Diet

Unfortunately, laminitis affects horses and ponies every year, no matter what the season. It is an extremely painful condition that …
Laminitis Horse Stance

Managing Laminitis

*Sponsored Post In this article, the experts at British Horse Feed lend a hand by giving tips on how to …

Sweet Itch

Sweet Itch products for horses image of a horse in a sweet itch rug

Sweet-itch: products for treatment and protection

Looking for sweet itch products for protection and treatment to help your horse or pony this spring and summer? Then …
Image of a horse in a sweet itch rug including face mask for Sweet Itch in Horses article on Everything Horse

Sweet Itch in horses: causes, treatment and prevention

Sweet itch, also known as Summer Seasonal Recurrent Dermatitis or Culicoides Hypersensitivity, is a prevalent skin condition in horses caused …
FEI Eventing European Championships for Young Riders & Juniors Segerjö (SWE) Segersjö Nane Nikolaus Dehn, GER Photo Copyright © FEI/Roland Thunholm

Epworth Confirm Abandonment

Due to the intense and persistent rainfall experienced over recent weeks, the Epworth Equestrian event planned for 2nd March 2024 has …
Sweet Itch Management Guide from the Golden Paste Company

FREE Sweet Itch Management Guide

Experts in natural supplements, The Golden Paste Company have created a FREE Sweet Itch Management Guide for horse owners to …