Toggi Barnsdale Wellington Boots Review

Toggi Barnsdale Wellington Boot Review

This winter, we were given the opportunity to review the Barnsdale Wellington Boots, a new release boot from leading British equestrian and country heritage brand Toggi.

Product info

Designed to be stylish, comfortable, and practical, the Barnsdale Wellington Boots are the perfect choice for any countryside or outdoor adventure where waterproof and warm footwear is essential. From bitter mornings on the yard to brisk seaside walks or a stroll to the local country pub, the Barnsdale Wellington Boots will ensure the wearer arrives with dry feet and toasty toes. 

The boots are handcrafted from rubber and feature an expandable back gusset for a tailored calf fit. This can be adjusted for different trouser styles and socks thanks to the smart real leather strap and metal buckle at the top. The leather strap complements the fine leather piping around the top of the boot.  

The boots are 100% waterproof thanks to the vulcanised rubber outer and are lined with 4mm-thick neoprene to provide a thermal barrier against the cold. The neoprene also ensures the lining is soft and comfortable against the wearer’s leg. Finally, the dual-density cushioned sole absorbs shock and eases the pressure to ensure the wearer has a spring in their step even at the end of a long day on their feet.


The Barnsdale Wellington Boots Review

Reviewed by Everything Horse founder Suzanne Ashton, the boots came out on top in many areas! Read on to find out more.

Said Suzanne:

“With the unpredictable UK weather, it will come as no surprise that in one month, I got to try out the Toggi Barnsdale Welling Boots in snow, rain, hail and ice! Despite the varying weather conditions, the wellington boots offered grip in the snow and ice and kept my feet dry in wetter conditions.

“I ordered the wellington boots in size 7 (UK), which can sometimes come up a little small with other branded footwear. However, I was relieved to find the boot gave ample room and also allowed for a heavier sock.”

Calf fit

“Many times over the past few years, I’ve had conversations with horse owners that struggle to get a pair of yard boots or riding boots that fit the calf. Naturally, I was curious to find out how the boots fitted so I could share the news with my yardies!

“Thankfully, Toggi seemed to have resolved this dilemma as I was soon to realise the benefit of the gusset and adjustable strap to the top of the boots. The gusset allows for varying the width around the top of the calf, while the adjustable strap allows fitting the top of the boot snuggly around the calf to help keep out cold air. As a result of the close fit, my feet were warmer than those wellies that gape around the area.”

Grip and support

“The substantial, sturdy tread makes these boots ideal for wearing when the weather turns cold, and the footing turns to ice. I trialled the boots; around the stables on a yard that is notorious for ice due to the large surface area; when walking in the woods, and we even went up Moel Famau, a popular walking route in North Wales.

“Although I was careful, the tread appeared to help secure my step. I’ve an older pair of boots that I fell over in only the week before the Toggi Barnsdale Wellington Boots were delivered. My feet also remained comfortable for the duration.”

Warmth and comfort

“With temperatures dipping below 0 degrees celsius between December and January, the conditions provided a great opportunity to try for warmth and comfort. There was another satisfaction box ticked here for the boots, as they provided a comfortable and warm environment. However, I did opt for a second pair of socks on the even colder days.”

To conclude

“Toggi Barnsdale Wellington Boots are an excellent, resilient, reliable pair of wellington boots. I look forward to using these boots over the years to come, confident that my feet will remain comfortable, warm and dry.”

Where to buy

The Barnsdale Wellington Boots typically retail for around £130.00 and are available to buy online from Toggi online.

Unisex and available in Black, Navy, and Olive in EU sizes 37 – 48 (UK 4 – UK 13).

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