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REVIEW Likit Products Horse Toys

Make Summer Grazing Tasty and Fun for Your Horses – updated 16.7.18

This month we, or should we say our horses, trialed a number of the Likit products as a solution to finding suitable horse toys for our youngsters.

Our fields are almost bare. We’re having to supplement our horses intake more than usual as the damage caused by the long wet winter and unusually dry summer has meant, although sectioned, fields are struggling to recover. We wanted to be able to add a little fun to our horses’ day, so trialing the Likit products was welcomed.


Our two horses, who are pictured here, were certainly very intrigued by the new field toys. Havana (3) and Zareen (2) found the Likit Snak-a-ball of particular interest. The large round red structure, that we now call ‘the spaceship’, caused a great stir. Although at first both were a little unsure, it was only 10 – 15 minutes before they got to grips with not only the size but, how it worked too. Out of all the Likit products, the Tongue twister has so far proved the long standing ‘treat retreat’, as it proves a little harder to stay still, increasing licking time.

The Likit products are designed with a number of key factors in mind, these are:

  • To relieve boredom
  • To help prevent destructive behaviour
  • To engage and help focus the horse
  • To Ease stable vices
  • To improve the horse’s environment


Likit Snaks at the ready, the ‘large red spaceship’ aka Snak-a-Ball, that landed in the field was at first a little scary but none the less a welcome distraction for both horses who were clearly intrigued from the outset (boredom busted!). The ‘Snaks’, are dispensed from the ball as it nudged and rolled. A little assistance was needed to point the horses in the right direction i.e when the ball rolls the treats come out, but they soon got the hang of the game and were very pleased with the taste too of the Snaks too.


Likit Snak-a-ball
Likit Snak-a-Ball, Likit Products Review

The treats (available in apple and cinnamon or mint and eucalyptus) are inserted in one end which is closed over by a yellow plug (spare also included) and are dispensed only a few at a time via the opposite end. Inside, the space filler helps to separate the treats to reduce the output amount.

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When we trialed Snak-a-Ball in the stable we found the horse was able to interact with it a little more due to the treats being easier to see, making the toy great for stable and field.

Tongue Twister

Although designed to attach to a stable wall, we decided to screw the Likit Tongue Twister to a fence outside for the summer. The horses were a little slow on the uptake, but they did return many times to consider and check it out (entertainment box ticked). Eventually however, the light-bulb moment was realised with a ‘wow, those two round things inside are yummy’ type reaction. Surprisingly they didn’t fight over it, this may be due to the number of field toys on offer combined with approaching the toy, at leisure throughout the day. As far as stability is concerned, fixing it to the fence as below, was secure enough to use although it is recommended to use all four screws.

Likit Tongue Twister
Likit Tongue Twister – Likit Products Review

As already mentioned, out of all the Likit products, treats and horse toys the Likit Tongue Twister has lasted the longest in terms of treats being consumed, mainly due to the continuous rolling, slowing the intake down.

The ball comes ready assembled and depending on the surface you attach it to, easily screws into place. Screws and wall plugs are included. There’s a huge selection of licks that fit inside the ball, multi-packs and single licks can be purchased separately as the balls comes alone.

Ingredients and consumption

The Likits come in a variety of flavours including carrot, cherry, mint, apple, garlic, salt and banana.

The Likit’s main ingredient is glucose which will provide energy. When given at the recommended intake (1/2 to 1 Likit over any 24 hour period) the intake shouldn’t cause additional unwanted energy.

Are they suitable for Laminitics?

If you have a horse or pony prone to laminitis, the likit salt lick would be the best option to purchase.

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All of the Likit products, are available to purchase via Amazon, Naylors Equestrian, Viovet as well as other retailers.

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