Sweet-itch: products for treatment and protection

Sweet Itch products for horses image of a horse in a sweet itch rug

Looking for sweet itch products for protection and treatment to help your horse or pony this spring and summer? Then this product feature is for you. Consistency is the key when treating sweet itch, and persistence in keeping the horse covered up will help prevent the condition. Whether it’s a new rug, supplement, lotion, or management routine, each horse owner should know it’s an all-in problem to resolve. This article contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on a link and purchase a product, we may earn a…

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8 Mother’s Day Gifts for Mums that Love Horses

Mother's day gift ideas

Discover Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Mums that Love Horses with Everything Horse Magazine Here you’ll find 8d Mother’s Day gift ideas for mums that love horses. While flowers and chocolates are great, mums that love horses will really appreciate a little something special that focusses on their second love in life, horses! Mother’s Day 2024 Sunday 10th March Here are 8 mother’s day gifts for those mums that love horses selected by the team at Everything Horse Magazine. Pandora Good Luck Horseshoe Dangle Charm Perfect for any jewellery-loving…

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Winter Horse Riding Jackets We Love

Winter horse riding jackets

With a cold snap imminent, we look at a selection of winter horse riding jackets suitable for wearing down the yard or when riding this winter (and we’ve picked out our favourites). LeMieux Loire Three Quarter Coat The full-length jacket is fitted with a two-way zip and quilted sides from the LeMieux Loire range. Subtle LeMieux detailing, with a Luxury Faux Fur detachable trim and detachable hood. Available to purchase online at R&R Country. Aubrion Team Padded Jacket Warm, lightweight and highly compressible, this winter jacket is filled with RDS…

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Top Lunging Equipment for Horses

Lunging Equipment: John Whitaker Training Aid

Lunging equipment is a must have for all horse owners, whether the horse is young, old or at peak performance. Lunging helps your horse build muscle under the saddle area without the riders weight. It also helps build confidence, improve fitness, saves time, allows for energy output without a rider on board, teaches voice commands and enables the rider to assess the way of going. In fact, there are too many benefits to list. Here you’ll find a round-up of gear needed for lunging your horse. Please note: This article…

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Thermal Riding Gear for Equestrians

Thermal Riding Gear for horse owners. White horse stood on snow with rider in the woods

As a horse owner, the unpredictable British weather can call for thermal riding gear one day, t-shirts and lightweights the next. There’s nothing worse than heading to the yard knowing you’ll be cold for the best part of the time you spend there, no matter how much work you do to try and warm up. Having a variety of items on hand to deal with cold conditions is essential. Here’s our latest round-up of thermal items we think you’ll like. Venture Thermal Riding Leggings Available to buy online with Ariat…

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Warm Wellies for Winter: Product Feature

caldene westfield II wellington boots in brown

Warm Wellies are the number one item of footwear this winter. Why? We want comfort, dry feet and versatility, right? If, however, like many of us, you realise the sole is coming away from your trusted wellies, causing a wet, cold, soggy foot you’ll find yourself heading to the local tack store or online retail giant to find your next pair of boots. In our buyers’ guide below, we give you a helping hand when looking for your next pair of footwear this winter. Tried & Tested- Highline Boots from Grubs…

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Products for Mud Fever

Products for Mud Fever in Horses Looking for products to help take care of mud fever this winter? Then look no further! From lotions to sprays, we’ve included some of the latest and best-loved products available to help your horse’s winter be a better one. Please note: The article contains affiliate links, which means, should you choose to make a purchase following clicking on an external link we may earn a commission. With this in mind, we only recommend products we believe are of good value and are fit for…

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The Best No Fill Turnout Rugs

Rhinegold Torrent Outdoor Rug Lightweight.No fill

Discover the best no fill turnout rugs for your horse or pony this autumn/winter in our guide here. An essential in every horse’s wardrobe, a no-fill turnout rug is perfect when the weather is unpredictable during early autumn. A great option for the ever-changing weather, a lightweight turnout will help keep the rain off your horse’s back, especially helpful if they suffer from rain scald. We’ve rounded up a few of our favourites, suited to every horse. From rugs catered to horses with narrow shoulders to print-loving horse owners –…

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Products to treat thrush in horse hooves

products for thrush in hooves

Looking for products to treat thrush in horse hooves in the UK? Then our product guide here will be able to help. Our article on thrush in horse hooves offers a variety of information on the causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention, so don’t forget to check it out to learn more about the condition. With an industry packed full of products to treat all kinds of ailments in horses (thankfully), we’ve narrowed down your search to the top products available to combat thrush in horse hooves. Why a mixture of…

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10 Top Gifts for Horse Lovers

Gifts for horse lovers image of young lady wearing a hat leaning on a black horse

Buying gifts for horse lovers can be difficult. Do you buy for the horse or them? What do you buy someone who enjoys spending their time with horses? This guide aims to help you find that perfect gift, especially as it’s been put together by horse lovers. No matter what the time of the year, or special occasion, relatives are often left scratching their heads over what to buy (so you’re not alone don’t worry). We’ve whittled down the 1000’s of products on offer and included items we know they’ll…

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Which Horse Clippers?

Which Horse Clippers

Which Horse Clippers Should I Buy for my horse? Are you looking to invest in a set of horse clippers? Are you asking yourself, and your friends “which horse clippers should I buy?” It’s a question that ought to be thought through, not only because of the hefty price tag but to discover which would be most suitable for purpose, and/or requirement. You may be looking to purchase a pair of battery-operated clippers due to a lack of power supply at the stable yard, therefore a wireless pair would suit.…

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Hi-Viz Gear – a must have all year round

hi-viz gear on rider stating young horse in training

Hi-viz gear is a must have for all year-round wear. Our article below takes a look at why it is so important to wear garments that not only reflect light but offer high flourescent properties, alongside what you can expect to find at the retailers. This article contains affiliate links which help support our business. Click here to learn more about affiliate links. Why Wear Hi-Viz? There are so many more reasons why hi-viz gear should be worn all year round. In the summer, the bright lights cast shadows causing…

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Calmers for Horses

Image of horse playing in a field with heading 'calmers for horses'

With a multitude of calmers for horses available on the market, it’s hard to know which one to choose. The ingredients all differ, as do the price and effectiveness of each. This article takes a look at ingredients and a selection of top-performing calmers for your horse. Let’s look at some of the best horse calming supplements on the market today and how these might help you manage your horse’s temperament. *The products featured in this article feature affiliate links. We may receive a commission if you make a purchase…

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Best Horse Joint Supplements UK

Best Horse Joint Supplements UK image of horse galloping on grass with overreach boots on

Finding the best joint supplement for your horse can be like looking for a needle in a haystack at the best of time (excuse the pun!). There are many available on the market to choose from, and you will find types of ingredients used in these supplements vary considerably. Knowing what ingredients are used in the joint supplement you are providing your horse is very important, as is how to read ingredient labels correctly. Just a bit of ingredient research beforehand can make all the difference. It is also fair…

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3 Top Joint Supplements For Older Horses

Joint supplements for older horses will help aid movement. Image of horse cantering through a field

Joint supplements for older horses are a good way to maintain musculoskeletal health throughout work and retirement. Ensuring condition in the structures involved with movement and motion is imperative to longevity and health. So, this raises the question: What should we look for in our chosen joint supplements for the older horse? This article takes a look at a variety of questions that surround joint supplements for older horses while taking a look at 3 top products on the market. Why Do Older Horses Need A Joint Supplement? First, it…

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Best Waterproof Fly Rugs for Horses

Best Waterproof fly rugs feature image of Highlander Plus Waterproof Combo Neck Fly Rug Blue on a horse

Explore our curated selection of top-quality waterproof fly rugs and discover the ultimate solution for your horse’s protection. Our featured products are designed to shield your equine companion from bothersome flies, bugs, and unexpected summer showers, while ensuring they stay comfortable and cool in warmer temperatures. For horses residing in fields with minimal shelter, a waterproof fly sheet is an indispensable addition to their wardrobe. With this versatile garment, owners can have peace of mind, knowing their horses are well-protected regardless of the weather conditions—be it scorching sun, gusty winds,…

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Best Fly Sprays for Horses

Best Fly Sprays for Horses

Discover a selection of the best fly sprays for horses in our product feature here. We take a look at products that have proven themselves to us, as horse owners, so we can help give you the heads up this coming season. Spring and summer are truly some of the best months for horses and their owners. Why? Longer days, more time out grazing, firmer ground and that summer sun, however, it doesn’t come without worries in terms of horse health issues for owners. There are many reasons why and…

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Best Fly Rugs for Horses

Best fly rugs for horses Horseware amigo

Magazine :: Everything Horse Here we take a look at the best fly rugs for horses for summer 2023… We have selected a handful of rugs with a sensible budget in mind. All rugs shown here are priced at under £70 as we can appreciate budget, alongside quality is important when it comes to choosing the right fly rug for your horse. A note: Rugs cover a large area of your horse. However, it’s worthwhile considering a spray or gel on those parts that are still exposed to the sun…

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Bizzy Bites Horse Toy and Lick Review

BIZZY BITES toy and lick review

Bizzy Bites Horse Toy and Lick review* In this article, we review the Bizzy Bites toy and lick. The Brand were kind enough to supply us with a Bizzy Bites ball and lick. The Bizzy Bites ball is quite large, with the lick fitting inside the toy (ball). The outer structure is solid and features small round solid lumps on two sides, and long grooves on the other, making the toy ideal for our younger horse as it acts as a teether for younger horses. The ball comes in two…

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Supplements for Stiff Horses

Supplements for stiff horses – discover 3 top joint supplements for horses that suffer from stiffness in our article below. Stiffness in horses Stiffness in horses is a common scenario and can be particularly prevalent for those in their later years. Arthritis and Osteoporosis can cause major stiffness in horses and can interfere heavily with the range of movement and flexibility. It is inevitable at some point in your horse’s life it will experience stiffness, even if this is a result of injury alone. This can be a particularly frustrating…

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3 Top Coolers Rugs for Horses

Cooler rugs for horses

Discover our 3 top cooler rugs for horses in our buyer’s guide below. Whether you’ve been competing, or simply want a rug to help cool your horse after exercise, coolers and fleeces are a must-have for any horse owner. We’ve based our top 3 coolers on user reviews found on our affiliate partner sites, VioVet and Amazon, that we trust will provide you with goods that are true to description and of good value. Why choose a horse cooler? If you are a horse owner, chances are you’ll have, or…

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Best Lightweight Turnout Rugs this Spring

Best lightweight turnout rugs for horses image features Trojan Turnout rug in blue with printed crown

Here we take a look at the BEST lightweight turnout rugs for horses and ponies this spring. With winter behind us, we may now be turning our attention to lightweight rugs in a bid to keep our horse warm and dry, as April showers commence. All rugs featured here are a 0g fill. We’ve even included a few must-have accessories too. This article features affiliate links*. Prints The wild print trend continues to bloom this spring with the usual selection of themed turnout rugs hitting the market. From the much-loved…

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