Botanica Tried and Tested, a Must for Sweet Itch Sufferers

Botanica review - Beauty with Sweet Itch Scabs summer 2018

Botanica Review, a Must for Sweet Itch Sufferers

Do you have a horse that suffers from Sweet Itch each year? Are you fed up with spending out on products that have little effect, leaving your horse irritated and distressed? If so the following product review, from the equine care range of Botanica, will be of great interest to you.

Made from 100% natural ingredients, Botanica Natural Skin Care offers a range of products suitable for sweet itch, mud fever and other problems.

The Trial

This summer (2018) we trialled two products from the Botanica range on a horse that had Sweet Itch. Beauty, a black Welsh cross mare, had been suffering from the condition (over the spring and summer months) for the past two years. As her beautiful long mane and thick tail turned to a frizzy mess, leaving her skin red and raw with blisters, her owner was at a loss with what to do.

Beauty with Sweet Itch Scabs summer 2018
Beauty with Sweet Itch Scabs summer 2018

Spending a fortune on products, without success, the new season was already in full swing and the problem was once again causing Beauty significant irritation. Scabs appeared where she had rubbed her mane away and despite a selection of rugs/products used to try and relieve the mare, she continued to suffer.

After only one application of the cleansing wash and anti-itch cream, Beauty’s symptoms started to ease. Despite the skin being sore to the touch, the mare didn’t mind standing while the products were applied. Within three days of repeat application, the skin’s appearance had dramatically improved with irritation being minimised.

Beauty’s loaner, Laura, spoke of how she found using the products

We were genuinely shocked at how quick it worked”

I was literally amazed at the difference it made” she continued.

Beauty with Sweet Itch Scabs summer 2018- healing
Beauty with Sweet Itch Scabs summer 2018- healing
After Treatment - after the forelock had been treated
After Treatment – after the forelock had been treated


The process requires the use of the Botanica Cleansing Wash first, with Botanica Anti-itch cream to be applied once dry.

Mix two capfuls of the wash with a bucket of warm water. With a clean sponge or soft water brush, apply to the area making sure you do your best to remove any dead skin without causing further irritation. Leave on, do not wash off. The wash should take around 4-5 minutes to soak into the skin. Then, using your hands, apply the Botanica Anti-Itch cream. Try not to immediately cover the area after application.

Available in large containers, the products last approximately 6 weeks. When the application was stopped the problem slowly returned, although not quite as aggressive as before. It would be for this reason we recommend continual use throughout the season.


Start to use the product around February/March time as it helps build a barrier. On repeated application, we found these products to be highly effective and would recommend to any owner of a sweet itch sufferer.

Both come in large containers so do last a while. There’s a nice natural smell and are applied easily to the coat. There are no harsh chemicals, in either of the products and they are kind to human skin too. There’s no need for gloves if you don’t wish and you’ll certainly leave the yard smelling delightful, with a happy comfortable horse in the field too.

Overall rating 5/5 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Additional Product Information

Botanica Cleansing Wash 500ml £14.95 – This natural herbal wash is designed to clean, purify and sooth the skin. Containing a unique combination of natural herbal ingredients which are blended to make a soothing, natural herbal wash that actually works. Botanica Cleansing Wash is highly effective, yet mild enough that it can even be used on your own skin!

Botanica Anti-itch Cream 550ml £45.99 – A concentrated blend of natural herbal ingredients in a water based moisturising cream, which helps soothe and moisturise. Its unique blend of herbal properties means it acts quickly to sooth the area, whilst its in-built natural insect deterrent helps to further defend against the insects that cause Sweet Itch.

For more information please visit the botanica website.


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