JustJodz Riding Leggings Review

JustJodz Riding Leggings Review

JustJodz Riding Leggings Review

Continuing with our product reviews for June, here we put the next generation horse riding leggings from JustJodz to the test.

Comfortable and versatile four-way stretch riding leggings from JustJodz

If you get frustrated by how breeches become restrictive and uncomfortable in the saddle, then JustJodz riding leggings offer an affordable solution to the problem. The stretch and feel of the leggings offer complete comfort and flexibility, whether in the saddle or mucking out.

Ideal for spring/summer wear, the lightweight fabric offers the wearer breathability and moveability. The super high-quality polyester spandex mix offers for plenty of give, allowing for free leg movement when riding by making them feel like a second skin. Despite the freedom and stretch of the fabric, they don’t become baggy or stretch out of shape with continued wear. These riding leggings mean the days of uncomfortable, taught and restrictive breeches are thankfully now in the past.

JustJodz Riding Leggings

The flat seams and smooth material naturally make the removal of the longer riding boot a lot easier, with a smooth lycra sock bottom alleviating any unnecessary bulk around the rider’s ankles.

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The burgundy colouring, and stylish yet simple logos add to the overall look. Ideal for mums on the go, you won’t look out of place doing the school run in them either!

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As a mum, managing director and horse owner, I’m constantly on the go. These riding leggings offer great versatility, comfort and style. Not only have they become a firm favourite for my equestrian pursuits, they’ve also hit the local shopping centre and the school run too!”

Overall, a fabulous pair of riding leggings with an affordable price tag”

Suzanne Ashton, managing director, Everything Horse.

There’s a handy large side pocket for phones, or any other items useful for carrying around the yard. The high waist, with broad band, fits comfortably just over the navel, again without overstretching after continued wear.

Colour Here: Burgundy

Sizes: XS, S, M, L (sizing chart below)

Price: £25.00

Visit justjodz.co.uk/product/burgundy-riding-leggings/

JustJodz Leggings Sizing Chart for Ref:

justjodz riding leggings sizing chart

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