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Welcome to Everything Horse’s Equestrian Buyers guides category of the website. Here you will find all of our best-reviewed horse products according to quality, cost and many other factors we know are important to horse owners.

Over the past 10 years we’ve reviewed lots of items, including fly sprays, fly rugs, horse riding boots, and more.

You’ll find our most recent guides at the top, these will also be relevant to the time of year and or season. We have over 100 hundred guides for you to read and enjoy, this may be for products we’ve trialled and put through a test (or 3) or items we’ve drawn together for group features from brands we know and love. Either way, you’re in good hands, we aim to only write reviews that we believe are true, ultimately hoping they help guide you when it comes to your next horsey purchase.

Our Latest Equestrian Buyers’ Guides

Samshield Helmet Review

Samshield Shadowmatt Helmet Review

Samshield Shadowmatt Helmet Review by Everything Horse Riding Helmets are a compulsory piece of equestrian equipment that is an absolute …
ComFiTec 600D/Mesh II Combo Neck waterproof fly rug from weatherbeeta

3 Top Waterproof Fly Rugs for Horses

Here, we look at 3 top waterproof fly rugs and leave a review for the one we trialled on our …
first aid kit from Horseware Ireland

Best First Aid Kits for Horse and Rider

Every yard should have a well-stocked first aid kit for the horse and rider that is kept in a clean, …
Everyday riding stirrups feature three singular stirrups in image

5 Every Day Riding Stirrups for Adults

Stirrups have enjoyed a considerable revival over the last decade, not only have they received a long-awaited facelift, but various …
Shires FlyGuard Pro Air Motion Fly Mask With Ears & Fringe in black, orange and grey

Review: Shires FlyGuard Pro Air Motion Fly Mask With Ears & Fringe

In this article*, we look at the rather bright Shires FlyGuard Pro Air Motion Fly Mask With Ears & Fringe …
6 top fly sprays image of palomino horse with fly veil on in a field.

6 top horse fly sprays for £20 or under

Find top fly sprays for under £20 this spring in our feature here …
Best Travel Boots for Horse - Everything Horse

6 of the Best Travel Boots for Horses

Here we’ve picked out six of the best travel boots for horses. We’ve based our choices on cost, quality, and …
Horse Fly Mask

Fly masks and other things to help protect your horse’s head this summer

Hurrah, it’s summer … but where is all the sun? As the typical British summertime gets underway it’s time we …
Best Fly Sprays for Horses

Best Fly Sprays for Horses

Discover a selection of the best fly sprays for horses in our product feature here. We take a look at …
best low sugar treats for your horse

Best low sugar treats for your horse or pony

Low sugar horse treats for horses are ideal to feed as a reward, or treat in a stable ball or …

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