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Welcome to Everything Horse’s Equestrian Buyers guides category of the website. Here you will find all of our best-reviewed horse products according to quality, cost and many other factors we know are important to horse owners.

Over the past 10 years we’ve reviewed lots of items, including fly sprays, fly rugs, horse riding boots, and more.

You’ll find our most recent guides at the top, these will also be relevant to the time of year and or season. We have over 100 hundred guides for you to read and enjoy, this may be for products we’ve trialled and put through a test (or 3) or items we’ve drawn together for group features from brands we know and love. Either way, you’re in good hands, we aim to only write reviews that we believe are true, ultimately hoping they help guide you when it comes to your next horsey purchase.

Our Latest Equestrian Buyers’ Guides

Products for Mud Fever

Products for Mud Fever in Horses Looking for products to help take care of mud fever this winter? Then look …
Rhinegold Torrent Outdoor Rug Lightweight.No fill

The Best No Fill Turnout Rugs

Discover the best no fill turnout rugs for your horse or pony this autumn/winter in our guide here. An essential …
products for thrush in hooves

Products to treat thrush in horse hooves

Looking for products to treat thrush in horse hooves in the UK? Then our product guide here will be able …
Gifts for horse lovers image of young lady wearing a hat leaning on a black horse

10 Top Gifts for Horse Lovers

Buying gifts for horse lovers can be difficult. Do you buy for the horse or them? What do you buy …
Which Horse Clippers

Which Horse Clippers?

Which Horse Clippers Should I Buy for my horse? Are you looking to invest in a set of horse clippers? …
hi-viz gear on rider stating young horse in training

Hi-Viz Gear – a must have all year round

Hi-viz gear is a must have for all year-round wear. Our article below takes a look at why it is …
5 top sunscreens for horses

Top 5 Sunscreens For Horses

Sunscreen protection for horses and humans should be a staple in every equestrian grooming kit. With unpredictable heatwaves and bouts …
plaiting up, accessories for the year ahead

Plaiting Up, 8 Top Accessories for Your Horse

There are a gazillion top plaiting up accessories on the market for your horse or pony. It’s hard to know …
Image of horse playing in a field with heading 'calmers for horses'

Calmers for Horses

With a multitude of calmers for horses available on the market, it’s hard to know which one to choose. The …
Best Horse Joint Supplements UK image of horse galloping on grass with overreach boots on

Best Horse Joint Supplements UK

Finding the best joint supplement for your horse can be like looking for a needle in a haystack at the …


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