Epona Tiger’s Tongue Tried and Tested

The Epona Tiger Tongue

The Epona Tiger’s Tongue groomer is lightweight, easy to clean and scrapes away mud with ease. Dead hair is captured in the sponge-like structure, as is grease and other debris. Great to use when bathing as the groomer acts as a sponge, massaging the horse’s skin at the same time as vanishing stains and dirt.

Easy to clean!! To wash out simply hold under running water, warm or cold, and use a little shampoo to help remove any grease build-up and/or to clear debris. The groomer dries in no time at all, ready to be stored away for the next day.

When we used the Epona Tiger’s Tongue on a cremello coloured horse, the mud simply crumbled off as the groomer moved across the coat, without the need for vigorous scrubbing as often seen when using a bristle brush.

Great to use when:

Time is limited

To remove dry mud when adding a rug

Removing dried sweat on the horse after exercise

Clean and buff the hoof walls

Cooling down the horse after exercise with a bucket of water

Around the sensitive girth area and the top of the inner hind legs as the product contains no bristles

Tricky areas such as under the shoulder or poll as the groomer is flexible and able to get into smaller areas than a traditional brush

A super lightweight, versatile tool for using when grooming or bathing your horse or pony.

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During July, we gave away Epona Tiger’s Tongue groomer to five lucky readers, here’s what one of the winners had to say (click to enlarge);

Epona Tiger's Tongue Review
Review from a winner of the Epona Tiger’s Tongue Groomer

The item arrives in an air compressed package, which immediately springs to life when opened.

This great, cost effect grooming tool offers benefits to both horse and rider.

Cost €8.95


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