Samshield Shadowmatt Helmet Review

Samshield Helmet Review

Samshield Shadowmatt Helmet Review by Everything Horse

Riding Helmets are a compulsory piece of equestrian equipment that is an absolute must for safety. It fully protects your head from injury or trauma should you hit the ground and really is a lifesaving item.

Finding the right type of riding hat to suit your needs is an exciting, but necessary one. Many different brands and types of riding hats exist. As many of us equestrians know, there is never a ‘one size fits all’ solution. In addition to getting the correct fit, you will also need to consider the design of the helmet you are looking for. This will quite often be determined by the type of equestrian activities you carry out such as Dressage or Eventing.

Today we decided to take a much closer look at this great little offering from Samshield in the hope this will help you with your new hat purchase.

Who is Samshield?

Samshield was founded by international Motorcross/Supercross professional, Sam Maloigne. He started horse riding in 2003 and was immediately disappointed with the purchase of his first riding helmet due to its technical failures.

With this failing in mind, Sam set about to start his own project based on his passion for beautiful items, in particular riding helmets. He aimed to bring more active and passive security, more comfort, more high quality, and customization ability.

All helmets are thoroughly tested by the likes of Kevin StautSteve Guerdat, and Bertram Allen who are highly recognized on the worldwide equestrian stage. Professional opinion is important to Samshield.

Key Features of the Samshield Shadowmatt Helmet

Quality Materials

The Samshield Shadowmatt Helmet is made from quality materials often used to make high-end motorcycle helmets. The outer shell is made from Polycarbonate and is coated with anti-scratch mat paint which helps to ensure your hat stays looking fresh and new.

The inner shell is made with polystyrene with varying density. This is a great safety feature as it helps to provide better dissipation of the energy produced on impact.

Stability and Care

You will never have to worry about the foam going flat in this helmet, thanks to the internal shape memory foam which keeps its thickness over time. This provides added comfort and stability for the rider.

We love the fact this helmet features a removable foam inner layer which many riding hats do not offer. Riding helmets, in general, can become pretty sweaty and smelly over time and are not always so easy to clean. The foam in the Samshield Shadow Helmet can be fully removed and washed thoroughly, leaving you with a clean and fragrant helmet at all times.


Ventilation is important for any riding helmet. It is amazing how hot and sweaty horse riding can make you and having a breathable helmet can be so much more comfortable. The Shadowmatt Helmet provides a powerful ventilation flow that runs from the front of the helmet through to the back extractors. This helps to eliminate sweating and ensure your equestrian elegance is retained.

Strap Options

Extra unique features always excite us and the Shadowmatt Helmet provides an alternative dressage chin strap that we can’t help but think is a great idea! This chin strap is shorter by 2.5 cm, which allows women to tie their hair in a bun without being constrained by the helmet harness.


The Samshield Shadowmatt Helmet without a doubt is made with some of the best materials on the market. The addition of the detachable inner foam is a wonderful easy clean idea to keep your helmet nice and fresh. The inner memory foam moulds to the shape of your head to give you a very snug fit and we like the fact that over time the mould will not deflate.

Having a separate strap option for dressage riders is a superb additional feature. As any rider knows, trying to get your hair bun into a riding hat just doesn’t usually work very well at all and can tight and irritating. Overall we love this helmet!

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