5 Every Day Riding Stirrups for Adults

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Stirrups have enjoyed a considerable revival over the last decade, not only have they received a long-awaited facelift, but various improvements for safety and foot position have also been implemented.

However, with a trend revival comes lots of alternatives in design, quality, function and price, and frankly right now, the industry is awash with options which often leaves consumers confused and overwhelmed.

Here we look at 5 every day riding stirrups that are built with safety, balance and quality in mind from brands we can trust.

First up, a quick look at stirrup features to be mindful of…

Trends aside, there are a number of features that shouldn’t be overlooked when choosing a pair of stirrups. These include:

> Safety-first design – although there are no specific regulations for stirrups, looking for a design that optimises safety for the rider is of foremost importance. Those that offer a quick release arm may be a good choice.
> Shock absorbtion – stirrups that provide shock absorption from ankle, foot and the knee
> Grip – studs on the footbed to secure the foot
> Angled footbed – to help position the foot on the correct angle
> Lightweight – ride without unnecessary bulk and weight
> Competition – if in doubt over whether they are competition legal, speak to the manufacturer. Some state on the purchase page.

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5 Top Stirrups Suitable for Every Day Riding

LeMieux Vector Balance Stirrups
LeMieux Vector Balance Stirrups

LeMieux Vector Balance Stirrups

Material: Aviation-grade aluminium
Colours: Rose Gold, Auburn, Black/Aluminium, Silver/Carbon, Navy
Price: RRP £159
Where to buy: LeMieux website

The Vector Balance Stirrups from LeMieux are lightweight and made from aviation-grade aluminium. The 5° ergonomic footplate features a cross-track grip and steel pins for lower leg stability. Its twin-balance arch system under the tread distributes weight evenly, while the recessed, off-set apex promotes a 45° outward orientation for easy foot positioning and stirrup retrieval.

An integrated hinged arm with a two-stage release system prevents unintentional opening while riding, however, the outer arm is designed to come away freely and snap back into place to release the foot from stirrup should there be a fall.

No quick-release stirrup guarantees 100% release in every fall scenario. Factors like horse falls, loose girths or unusual exit angles may prevent the arm from opening.

States on LeMieux website: Competition Legal (FEI, British Dressage, British Eventing and British Showjumping).

Flex-On Aluminium Safety Ultra Grip Stirrups
Flex-On Aluminium Safety Ultra Grip Stirrups

Flex-On Aluminium Safety Ultra Grip Stirrups

Material: Aeronautic-grade aluminium
Colours: Black/Chocolate, Black/Blue, Black/Brown, Black/Navy, Black/Black
Price: RRP £275
Where to buy: Red Post Equestrian

The Flex-On Aluminium Ultra Grip Stirrup Irons are crafted from aeronautic-grade aluminium. Their design absorbs shock and ensures better foot adhesion, stability, and connection with the horse.

The ultra-light frame, features an offset, skewed slot for stirrup leathers. This complex geometry offers exceptional strength and lightness, making them ideal for serious riders.

Built-in elastomer springs reduce joint pressure caused by horse and rider movement. The ergonomically designed treads, resting on the elastomer springs, feature offset slots for better foot connection and increased comfort.

Inclined treads promote a natural ‘heels down’ position for enhanced stability, while the Ultra Grip footbed, made from moulded POM with crimped steel pins, ensures a secure footing.

Acavallo Arena AluPro Stirrups

Acavallo Arena AluPro Stirrups

Material: High tech metal and polymers
Colours: Blue, Red, Titanium, Rose Gold, Silver
Price: RRP £159
Where to buy: GS Equestrian

The Arena AluPro stirrups feature a patented side opening made of a special polyamide material while the rest of the stirrup is made of a high tech metal.

The strategically placed stress-actuated side arm lock and release mechanism prevents it from opening on accidental slipping yet is designed to open to release the rider’s foot in the event of a fall.

Made with high-tech aluminium with a stainless steel off-set tread, they provide comfort, flexibility and absorption, relieving feet, ankles, and knees from shock while riding.

Venice Plus Evo Adult Safety Tech Stirrups
Venice Plus Evo Adult Safety Tech Stirrups

Venice Plus Evo Adult Safety Tech Stirrups

Material: Aluminium billet
Colours: Black/Blue, Black/Pink, Black/Black
Price: £369
Where to buy: GS Equestrian

The Venice Plus Evo Adult Safety Tech Stirrups are made of Aluminium billet and feature four shock absorbers under the bed. These help reduce fatigue and impact on joints, allowing for more extended riding periods with reduced strain.

The stirrup bed has a 5° sloped design to help keep heels down and maintain a proper leg position while riding, promoting stability and balance.

The safety arm is spring loaded and designed to snap back into position without damaging the stirrup should the rider fall.

They offer a balanced combination of durability and weight, providing reliable performance while minimising unnecessary bulk.

Samshield ShieldRup Safety Stirrups
Samshield ShieldRup Safety Stirrups

Samshield ShieldRup Safety Stirrups

Material: Aeronautical aluminium
Colours: Brushed Aluminium, Chrome Black
Price: £349
Where to buy: Old Mill Saddlery

The Samshield ShieldRup Safety Stirrups are made of aeronautical aluminium and combine safety, technicality, comfort and performance.

The ShieldRup’s lateral branch (stirrup arm) opens in case of pressure during a fall. The cable and spring system allow the branch to open 180° and systematically return to its original position.

The treads are available in two versions: a standard grip or an extra grip with spikes, which are interchangeable depending on the rider’s current requirements.

The inclined tread helps keep the foot stable in the stirrup while positioned at an optimal angle for the rider’s communication with the horse.

The Elastomer seal under the tread offers excellent shock and vibration absorption, and the riders joint protection

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