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Product Feature: 6 of the Best Travel Boots for Horses

Updated: 12/04/2021

Here we’ve picked out six of the best travel boots for horses. We’ve based our choices on cost, quality, and popularity; as a boot well-liked, is a boot that has proved it’s worth.

When travelling our horses, safety is at the forefront of our minds. Choosing how to prepare them for travel can mean the difference between a happy, safe journey to sustaining a fatal injury should they not be adequately protected.

Young horses are especially at risk as they take to the road for their first few outings. Nerves, an unfamiliar environment, restraint and confinement may prove too much causing the horse to fidget and become distressed. It is for these reasons we need to carefully consider the correct items to use for adequately protecting our horse during travel.

These are the top items for wear during travel. You have to ensure that you prepare at least the
basics as you go on in your journey:

  • Travel boots, if your horse doesn’t like travel boots, use bandages
  • Tail guard
  • Poll guard
  • Padded headcollar
  • Travel rug

Here we’ve picked out six of the best travel boots for horses. We’ve based our choices on cost, quality, and popularity. A boot well liked is a boot that has proved its worth. Travel boots, along with quality horse riding boots, are available for smaller breeds. These are lightweight and are easy to put on or take off. The main features that make them popular with horse riders are comfort, safety, and versatility. 

Here’s the list:


Best Value – Saxon

saxon travel boots

Saxon Travel Boots

Colours: Navy or Black

Sizes: Pony, cob, full

Hardwearing travel boots from Saxon, with boa fleece lining and 420d nylon outer. Great value for money horse travel boots!

We voted these boots best value due to all over coverage at a budget friendly cost!

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Mark Todd Collection

Mark Todd Travel BootsMark Todd Travel Boots

Colours: Black, navy, burgundy, navy plaid, red

Sizes: Small pony, pony, cob, full

Made with a strong nylon outer, the Mark Todd Travel Boots are easy to clean, offer maximum protection ( including the hoof area), and secure with hook and loop closure system.

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Weatherbeeta Deluxe Travel Boots

Colours: Black

Sizes: Pony, cob, full, Warmblood

Hard wearing travel boots with reinforced PVC strike pad from Weatherbeeta. Velcro fastening to keep boots secure, with nylon lining.


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Bucas Freedom Travel Boots

Colours: Black

Sizes: Pony, cob, full

Made with padded foam, the Bucas Freedom Travel Boots come with inner polycotton lining and large hook and loop system for securing in place.

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Amigo Travel Boots
Amigo Travel Bootas

Amigo Travel Boots

Colours: Red

Sizes: Pony or Horse

Comfortable, high protection for the horse or pony when travelling. Tough outer shell, Velcro fastening and fleece lining. Hock protection.


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LeMieux Carbon Travel Boots
LeMieux Carbon Travel Boots

Lemieux Carbon Travel Boots

Colours: Black or Navy

Sizes: Medium or Large

Made with a robust PU leather heal and a robust ballistic outer. Velcro fastenings with cooling carbon nano-fibre lining to regulate moisture and temperature.

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Other great buys for horse travel


Shires Arma Neoprene Tail Guard

No need to spend time bandaging your horse’s tail for travel, no worries about uneven pressure or damage to the top of the tail or dock. Velcro to close applies even pressure.

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Shires Bungee Trailer Tie

Colours: Pink, red, black, blue

Sizes: One size

Essential for tying up when traveling and on the yard with a panic release clip.

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Woof Wear Poll Guard for Horses

Colours: Black

Sizes: One-size

Thermoformed EVA padding for protecting the poll should the horse bang their head.

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Reasons to Purchase Travel Boots for Horses

Now that you have a list of some of the best travel boots for horses, it pays also to tackle the various reasons why you ought to these. Some of these reasons include the following:

  • It keeps your horse comfortable, especially when they may not be used to covering long distances.
  • It increases the safety of your horse during a long journey.
  • It’s durable and resistant to even the harshest of all conditions. Travel boots for horses are thick enough to protect your horse’s legs. 

How to Choose the Best Travel Boots for Horses

To narrow down your options, here’s a list of guidelines to apply when choosing the best travel boots for horses:

  • A good travelling boot should extend from the knee to the horse’s coronet. 
  • One of the most comfortable materials that you can purchase is quilted.
  • Make sure the boot size is exactly that one which is most comfortable for your horse.
  • Whenever you’re unsure, always ask assistance from experts or sales representatives, so you won’t make a regrettable purchase.

Final Word 

Now that you have a list of the best travel boots for your horses, there’s no reason for you not to start buying one. While it may come with a price, this will always be worth it when it’s the safety and comfort of your horses that’s at stake. Before you head out on a journey, take the time to go through this list, and start shopping for the best option for your horse. 

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