Best Fly Sprays for Horses

Best Fly Sprays for Horses

Discover a selection of the best fly sprays for horses in our product feature here. We take a look at products that have proven themselves to us, as horse owners, so we can help give you the heads up this coming season.

Spring and summer are truly some of the best months for horses and their owners. Why? Longer days, more time out grazing, firmer ground and that summer sun, however, it doesn’t come without worries in terms of horse health issues for owners.

There are many reasons why and when you’ll need to use fly spray. You may choose a fly rug to help protect your horse, however, it’s important to remember those areas that remain exposed will need some added protection too. Or, you may like your horse to spend its days without a rug, perhaps your horse is a professional rug wrecker, or you bring in through the day and turn out at night. Whatever your horse’s routine, you’ll no doubt need some fly spray and gel at hand.

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Best Fly Sprays and Gels for Horses in 2023

The Best Spray and Gel Combo – Super Effective

Best fly spray for horses - Power Phaser horse fly spray
Best fly spray for horses – Power Phaser Horse Fly Spray and Gel

Leovet Power Phaser Fly Spray & Gel

This stuff stinks, BUT, it’s proven itself to be a great product for helping keep flies and other pests at bay making it our top-rated product. It’s suitable for everyday use and can last up to seven hours. The products contain DEET, which is considered one of the best fly repellents for horses, and IR3535 oil, alongside cade oil/juniper, citriodora oil, geranium oil, pennyroyal oil and cedarwood oil.

There’s a spray for all-over coverage and a high-concentrate gel (with sponge) for targeted use around areas the horse doesn’t like spray. Just make sure you wear some gloves as otherwise, you’ll get to smell of it too.

Joking aside, it’s effective against horse flies, ticks, and all non-biting flies and remains effective when the horse sweats. This product is a serious contender in the fly spray market. Each product is purchased separately.

The 550ml spray and gel are available to buy on:

VioVet, Naylors and Amazon

Citronella Scents

Next Best Combo

NAFOFF Citronella Spray and Gel
Citronella Scents- NAF Off Citronella Spray and Gel

NAF Off Citronella Spray and Gel

The NAF Off Citronella Spray and Gel are long-lasting products that can be used to repel flies. The product is given the name, ‘citronella spray/gel’ which may be due to citronella oil being banned for use in the sale of insecticides within the EU in 2006. However, since 2006, the ingredient continues to be used widely in homemade fly sprays and is still available as an adapted product titled ‘citronella spray’ for UK customers. Whether the name may change since leaving the EU is unknown.

Did you know: The zesty citrus notes and floral smell of citronella make the fragrance an attractive one for humans, but not so much though for flies. It works as a repellent by masking scents that are attractive to insects. Citronella is not only used as an insect repellent, but it is also an antifungal agent and can be used to treat parasitic infections, promote wound healing and can help lift your mood – a little pick-me-up when spraying on your horse!

Each product is purchased separately.

The 750ml spray and gel are available to buy on:

VioVet, Naylors and Amazon

Best Natural All-Round Fly Spray for Horses

Barrier Enhanced Formula Fly Repellent
Barrier Enhanced Formula Fly Repellent – a 100% natural product

The Barrier Enhanced Formula Fly Repellent gets our inclusion into the best fly sprays for horses because we feel, this product goes beyond the average repellent. The barrier also offers soothing properties as well as conditioning the coat, and of course deterring midges. Excellent for horses suffering from sweet itch, the spray can be applied to affected areas to soothe and repel. The product comes in a no-frills bottle with a typical spray action pump, however, larger top-up tubs are readily available to top up and keep you going through the summer. A favourite among many horse owners.

Again, the Barrier Enhanced Formula has a complimentary gel to add to the collection along with a Super Plus version of the spray. The gel includes Aloe Vera, Vitamins A, D and E. The gel is free from Citronella, vinegar and other substances banned by the FEI and Jockey Club Rules.

Barrier Enhanced Formula Fly Repellent is available on:

VioVet, and Amazon

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