Best low sugar treats for your horse or pony

best low sugar treats for your horse

Low sugar horse treats for horses are ideal to feed as a reward, or treat in a stable ball or from your hand. However, with horse health problems such as laminitis an ongoing concern for many horse owners, opting for a molasses free, low sugar, low-calorie treat is best to promote good health. Not only can low sugar treats be a healthier choice, but they are also a fantastic option for those horses that are sensitive to sugar intake, who exhibit signs of unwanted behaviour with feeds high in sugar.

Treats are normally offered:

  • As a reward for good behaviour
  • Clicker training
  • To encourage stretching – instead of using a carrot
  • Boredom buster in a treat ball
  • Boredom buster in a treat ball when on box rest.

Treats with flavourings, are often high in sugar or molasses, and should be avoided in large amounts. Carrots can also be an unexpected culprit for sugar too, despite being a favourite for adding to feeds and being used as treats. Excessive use of treats without the need for reward can encourage nipping or even biting, therefore, having a negative impact on the horse-human relationship.

Here are our top recommendations for low sugar, low starch, low calorie, no molasses and high fibre treats.


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Silvermoor Treatsies – Our Fav’s!

pack of Silvermoor Treatsies - Our Fav's! Great low sugar treats for horses

Totally scrumptious treats that are ideal for any horse or pony that needs a low sugar and starch diet. Not only are they low in sugar and starch, but they are also high in fibre, making them great treats to have on hand for rewards and bribing too (did we really say that?). The calming chamomile as an ingredient makes them great for nervous horses. The team at Everything Horse feed these to their horses too! Available in a 1kg bag. From £5.36

Crunchits Low Sugar Treats for Horses

packet of crunchits low sugar treats for horses

Equilibrium Products Crunchits are low in sugar, molasses free horse treats suitable for horses prone to laminitis and on a low calorie or low sugar diet. Natural flavourings include strawberry, beetroot, parsnip, carrot, banana, pea and spinach.

1 crunchit = approximately 21 calories. From £4.99


Dengie Pure Grass Pellets

Dengie Pure Grass Pellets

Dengie Pure Grass Pellets are 100% naturally grown British meadow grass and are ideal for horse balls to help bust boredom and keep your horse’s nutrition up to date. The pellets are high in fibre with no added sugar and are naturally low in starch. They should be soaked when fed in larger quantities alongside other chaff, due to their high water absorption rate. Free from artificial flavours, preservation, molasses, straw, binders and fillers.

20kg RRP £11.39

Pure Treats Healthy Treats for Horses

pure treats no added sugar.jpg

Pure treats are high in fibre, with no added sugar making them a perfect addition to have on hand for rewards. Suitable for horses that have laminitis, the snacks are fortified with vitamins and minerals yet they are low in calories, contain no added sugars and are non-heating.

Available in 2kg bags

RRP £23.94

Lincoln Vegi-Bites Treats

Lincoln Veg-Bites nutritious vegetable treats

Lincoln Vegi-bites are low-calorie, molasses-free, nutritious vegetable treats containing beetroot, carrots and spinach. The small yet perfectly formed bites are rich in antioxidants (beetroot), full of fiblre (carrot) and nutrient-rich (spinach). Available at around £6.99

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