Best Waterproof Fly Rugs for Horses

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Explore our curated selection of top-quality waterproof fly rugs and discover the ultimate solution for your horse’s protection. Our featured products are designed to shield your equine companion from bothersome flies, bugs, and unexpected summer showers, while ensuring they stay comfortable and cool in warmer temperatures.

For horses residing in fields with minimal shelter, a waterproof fly sheet is an indispensable addition to their wardrobe. With this versatile garment, owners can have peace of mind, knowing their horses are well-protected regardless of the weather conditions—be it scorching sun, gusty winds, or sudden downpours that bring along their share of nuisances.

Continual exposure to wet conditions can lead to rain scald, a common issue observed in horses. To help minimise this risk, many owners dress their horses in lighter rugs during the summer months, compared to the heavier ones used in autumn and winter.

Now, let’s dive into our handpicked assortment of the finest waterproof fly rugs available for your horse this spring and summer. Stay ahead of the game and provide your horse with the utmost care and protection.

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Shires Highlander Plus Waterproof Combo Neck Fly Rug

Shires Highlander Plus Waterproof Combo Neck Fly Rug

The Equi-sential Waterproof Flysheet is an excellent solution for dependable defence against bothersome flies and unexpected rain showers. Crafted with a water-resistant back insert and breathable mesh, the flysheet guarantees year-round functionality.

Notable features comprise a generously sized hood, which can be conveniently detached, featuring a soft lining to prevent any discomfort from mane rubbing. The double buckle chest closure, complemented by Velcro fasteners, ensures a secure fit. Furthermore, shoulder gussets are incorporated to enable unrestricted movement, while adjustable cross-over belly straps offer customizable comfort. To provide comprehensive coverage, a tail flap is also included. With the Equi-sential Waterproof Flysheet, your horse’s well-being is our top priority.

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Shires Highlander Plus Waterproof Combo Neck Fly Rug

Highlander Plus Waterproof Combo Neck Fly Rug Blue
Highlander Plus Waterproof Combo Neck Fly Rug Blue

Experience the exceptional advantages of the Highlander Plus Waterproof Combo Neck Fly Rug, designed to cater to your horse’s needs. This rug offers a multitude of features, including a robust belly bar for added security. With its outer 600 denier construction enhanced by ShireTex advanced fabric technology, the rug gains increased durability, providing protection against potential rips and tears. Moreover, the upper portion of the rug ensures both waterproofing and breathability, safeguarding your horse’s comfort.


Noteworthy features of the Highlander Plus Waterproof Combo Neck Fly Rug include shoulder gussets that allow for unrestricted movement, a large tail flap for comprehensive coverage, and an integrated neck fastened by Velcro for a secure fit. Additionally, the rug provides UV protection of up to 90%, shielding your horse from harmful sun rays. For added convenience, a fillet string is included, and integrated leg strap loops offer effortless attachment.

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Weatherbeeta Waterproof Fly Rug

The Weatherbeeta Comfitec Mesh Combo Waterproof Fly Rug is a dependable choice for your horse’s outdoor adventures. This rug features a tough 600 denier ripstop waterproof top panel, providing excellent protection for your horse’s back during rainy conditions. The inclusion of large fly mesh side panels promotes airflow, ensuring breathability even on warmer days. Additionally, the rug is equipped with a belly flap and a large tail guard to offer extra defense against bothersome flies.

Noteworthy features of the Weatherbeeta Comfitec Mesh Combo Waterproof Fly Rug include its availability in small sizes, catering to horses of different proportions. The waterproof 600D ripstop top layer ensures reliable rain protection. With a large adjustable belly guard, the rug provides additional coverage and security. A generously sized tail flap adds comprehensive protection. The Ezi-Clip front closure allows for easy and secure fastening. The rug also features adjustable and removable leg straps for a customized fit and convenience. Furthermore, the inclusion of a large shoulder gusset enables unrestricted movement. A neck attachment is also present, providing added comfort and coverage.

Choose the Weatherbeeta Comfitec Mesh Combo Waterproof Fly Rug and ensure your horse experiences the perfect blend of durability, breathability, and protection against flies and rain.

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Whitaker Salvador Mesh Combo Fly Rug with Mask

Whitaker Salvador Mesh Combo Fly Rug with Mask
Whitaker Salvador Mesh Combo Fly Rug

The Whitaker Salvador Mesh Combo Fly Rug, is a versatile solution that offers comprehensive protection with its included fly mask featuring ears. This rug is crafted with a waterproof and breathable top, showcasing a durable 600 denier outer layer, while the lower section is made of 135g mesh.

The John Whitaker Salvador Mesh Combo Fly Rug boasts several notable features. Small shoulder gussets are strategically placed to ensure unrestricted movement. The rug also includes a detachable fly mask with ears, providing an extra layer of protection. For easy attachment, a fillet string is included. The integrated neck design, featuring three Velcro fastenings, offers a secure and comfortable fit. A belly bar is incorporated to provide additional coverage and security. To complete the comprehensive protection, a waterproof tail flap is included.

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Mark Todd Waterproof Fly Rug

The Mark Todd Combo Waterproof Fly Rug is a reliable and versatile choice for protecting your horse. This rug is specially designed with a belly bar that offers complete coverage to the underneath region, leaving no gaps exposed. The lighter color of the rug not only adds a stylish touch but also aids in heat reflection, keeping your horse cool. The UV ray protection feature also provides an important defense against the sun’s harmful rays.

Key Features of the Mark Todd Combo Waterproof Fly Rug include convenient hook and loop fastenings for easy and secure closure. The three-strap belly bar ensures a secure fit and comprehensive coverage. The integrated neck design further enhances protection and coverage. The inclusion of shoulder gussets allows for unrestricted movement, ensuring your horse’s comfort. A large tail flap provides comprehensive coverage and protection. Adjustable leg straps ensure a customized and secure fit, accommodating different body shapes and sizes.

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