Top Lunging Equipment for Horses

lunging equipment for horses

Top Lunging Equipment for Horses

last update 08/07/2020

Following on from our article on lunging, here we feature top lunging equipment for horses that our team (and friends who own) have used and would recommend. The list isn’t exhaustive and there are more items to consider, however, we’ve rounded up our top ‘must-have’ items here.

Lunging is supposed to be simple, quick and effective, so before reaching for every item in the tack room consider how you can best get the job done without it taking longer than needed.

Shires Fleece Padded Lunging Roller – Amazon Choice Item

The Shires nylon lunging and long reining roller comes with comfortable fleece padding and 10 rings for choice in lunge rein fitting.

Lunging Equipment Shires Roller Black with Fleece
Lunging Equipment: Shires Roller Black with Fleece

The roller is adjustable both sides and has a d ring in the centre, under the chest.

Sizes: Pony, Cob, Full or Extra Full

Colour: Black, Raspberry or Pink

Amazon £24.19 including free delivery

Shires Wessex Soft Feel Lunge Line – 8m


Another addition from Shires for lunging and long reining is the soft feel lunge line, which is 8m long meaning it’s fully able to be used for both types of exercise.

Lunging Equipment: Shires Soft Lunge Rein
Lunging Equipment: Shires Soft Lunge Rein

The line is soft and durable. The silver clip is small enough to pass through some rings on the roller (saves threading the long way)

Colours: Various available

Amazon £12.98 including free delivery

Horka Equestrian Bit Strap

Great for lunging, bitting a young horse and for leading out, the Horka detachable bit strap is a multipurpose hard wearing item that attaches to either side of the horse’s bit, with a metal hook in the middle for attaching a lunge link or lead rope.

Horka Equestrian Lunging Attachment
Lunging Equipment: Horka Equestrian Lunging Attachment

Great to use when lunging in the bridle instead of a cavesson, also handy for when lunging before riding and full tack is needed. Makes it easy to change the horse’s rein – no re-threading over the bridle or through the bit.

One Size only.

Colours: Black, blue or hot pink

Amazon £18.92 including free delivery

Dublin Brights Lunge Whip

Who wouldn’t include a lunge whip?!! Although there’s really not that much to say here! Simple, but effective, the lunge line has a rubber grip handle and is measured at 160cm.

Ideal for angling at the shoulder to push the horse away from the handler or at the quarter to encourage forward momentum.

Colour: Lime

Amazon £12.99 including free delivery (limited stock)

LeMieux Protouch Riding Glove

The LeMieux Protouch performance riding glove is a soft and close fitting glove with genuine goat leather palm. Reinforced fingers are styled to prevent nails wearing through the ends and there are discrete colour coordinated silicone grip points for the reins to pass over.

Lunging Equipment: LeMieux Protouch Performance Riding Gloves
Lunging Equipment: LeMieux Protouch Performance Riding Gloves

The mesh upper allows ventilation and moisture control, and stretches to offer minimal resistance to closure of the fingers.

Colours: Black, brown or white

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Amazon £24.95 including free delivery

John Whitaker Training System – Amazon 5 Star Reviews

The John Whitaker Training System, when used properly, helps develop the horse’s neck and back muscles. It teaches the horse self-carriage and encourages the horse to work in an outline.

Lunging Equipment: John Whitaker Training Aid
Lunging Equipment: John Whitaker Training Aid

Comes with: Adjustable roller – adjustable ropes – sheepskin padded to reduce rubbing on the back legs.

Please note: a lunge rein is NOT included. You should be fully capable and confident with lunging a horse before using this item.

One Size Only

Amazon £87.47 including free delivery

Items featured in the product section of the website contain affiliate links and we may earn a commission on should purchases should you choose to buy.  With this in mind, we aim to publish relevant and accurate information that may help you in the decision process when choosing whether or not to buy.

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