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It is very important to look after your horse’s joints, particularly later in life. Joint problems can occur in both younger and older horses. Sometimes this is about the type of work they carry out. More often than not, it can be due to everyday wear and tear. Arthritis is very common as horses age, and you must recognise the signs. Lack of mobility and stiffness is usually the most common symptom.

Joint problems can be painful for your horse and may lead to behaviour issues. Supplements can be very effective and an easy way of keeping your horse happy, fit, and healthy.

What Types of Horses Can Benefit from Joint Supplements?

You would choose to supplement your horse’s joints for many reasons. This usually boils down to the type of work your horse does or the time of year. Some types of equestrian activities take its toll on joints more than others, and some examples of this are:

  • Dressage – extension and precise movements take its toll on joints
  • Jumping – the impact of landing can have a massive effect on a horse’s joints
  • Cross Country – the combination of landing heavily from jumps and hard ground (grass)
  • Endurance – The impact of rough terrain for long periods
  • Driving – Hock and Stifle issues are common from wear and tear through intense competition
  • Horses on poor surfaces – this would apply to horses that do lots of road work on hard tarmac surfaces

Stiffness is also pretty common during the winter months, where the cold weather and often limited turnout, takes its toll on your horse’s joints. As horses get older, they are much more prone to arthritis, which could prompt you to start supplementing your horse’s diet with joint supplements.

Who Makes Newmarket Joint Supplement?

This joint supplement is made by a UK company called Newmarket Premixes. They are a leading supplier of bio-available glucosamine and all of their products are regularly tested at Europe’s leading testing laboratory. A relatively unknown company in the equine world, they pride their products on only containing natural, raw materials.

What Does Newmarket Joint Supplement Do?

Joint supplements are a great way to ensure your horse stays supple and mobile. Newmarket joint supplements is a powerful natural aid that encourages the production and repair of cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and joint fluid. It can be particularly helpful for horses that suffer from stiffness, lack of mobility, arthritis, and joint pain. It provides a scientifically correct dosage that promotes joint strength, nourishment, and repair.

Newmarket Joint Supplement Ingredients

There are minimal ingredients in the Newmarket Joint Supplement which is refreshing to see. Many products are packed with unnecessary ingredients, that do very little to contribute towards your horse’s health. This supplement is made with only 1 key ingredient, which we have taken a look into further.

Glucosamine Hydrochloride

Bio-available Glucosamine is the number 1 ingredient in this supplement. It provides the highest concentration on the market today of over 99%. Much research has been carried out on Glucosamine for horses. It has been praised for its soothing effects and reduction in arthritic pain. It has lubricating properties that act as a shock absorber to cushion the joints during exercise. This is a key ingredient in most joint supplements and is proven to be one of the most effective ways to combat joint pain.

Other Ingredients

Very little is known about the other ingredients in this supplement, but based on the fact 99% is made from pure, high-quality Glucosamine Hydrochloride, there isn’t much room in the formula for a lot else! Usually, if ingredients are hidden from a product, it would raise some eyebrows. Glucosamine Hydrochloride is a powerful ingredient in its own right and according to research, caters to most joint problems. Why use additional ingredients unnecessarily?


Feeding guidelines for horses and ponies is shown on the packaging instructions and is dosed by your horse or pony’s weight as with most supplements. Dosage is split into 3 weight bands:

  • Ponies up to 300kg – daily intake 5g
  • Horses up to 500kg – daily intake 10g
  • Horses over 500kg – daily intake 15g

This supplement is very easy to use. It comes in a powder form and can be easily mixed into your horse’s concentrate feed. Adding a bit of water to the feed will really help the supplement blend into to the concentrates. Most horses are oblivious to the fact the supplement has been added. However, you may have some issues with fussy eaters.


Generally, the feedback on this supplement is pretty good. It isn’t a particularly well-known brand, but the reviews from customers suggest the supplement works and truly helps with stiffness and mobility issues your horse may have. The ingredients included are all very commonly used in horse supplements and have been proven to have the desired effect. Many owners are pleased with the efficiency of these supplements.

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