Feedmark Hardy Hoof Review

Feedmark Hardy Hoof Review

Routine foot care is an important part of your horse’s overall health and wellbeing. The structures in your horse’s feet are responsible for supporting their entire body weight over a relatively small area. Problems in your horse’s feet can be extremely detrimental to their mobility and health therefore a regular foot care routine is vital.

Many owners choose to add to their horse’s feed with a hoof care supplement similar to the Feedmark Hardy Hoof which we have decided to take a much closer look at.

Who is Feedmark?

Feedmark is a very well known, popular brand of horse feeds and supplements that are based in the UK. This trusted equestrian brand was founded in 1979 and aims to lead the way in approving the health and well-being of millions of equines worldwide.

Feedmark is made up of professional equine nutritionists who are constantly looking at new formulas and ways to improve existing products. They pride themselves on providing high-quality products that really do work and seek sustainable solutions to packaging and other source selection where possible.


What does Feedmark Hardy Hoof do?

Hardy Hoof is an everyday supplement that comes in a powdered formulation for healthy hooves. The idea of this supplement is to encourage hoof regeneration as well as the production of strong and resilient hooves.

The Feedmark Hardy Hoof Supplement is a great solution for equines who suffer from brittle, cracked, or weak hooves. It works to optimize the hoof growth rate as well as encouraging good quality horn production.



You may have heard of Keratin before as it is a very popular ingredient used in human shampoos which aids to keep your hair shiny and strong as well as encourage growth. It is not surprisingly the key ingredient in the Hardy Hoof Supplement and is a structural protein made up of certain amino acids. Keratin is responsible for the resilient structure of the hoof wall and will help to ensure your horse’s hooves stay strong and hardy (just like the name suggests!)

Amino Acids

The Feedmark Hardy Hoof Supplements are made with 3 key amino acids, Methionine, Threonine, and Lysine. High levels of these amino acids are present in this supplement formula and the Methionine works together closely with the Keratin to provide it with its strength and structure. The Amino Acid help to foster strong Keratin bonds in the hoof helping to prevent cracks, crumbling walls, and thin soles.


Calcium is classed as a macro-mineral and plays a very important role in the formation of muscles, teeth, and bones. It is crucial for good foot growth and is necessary for the devoted attachment of one cell to the next. Particularly where cells in the hoof are arranged tightly.


Zinc is a trace mineral that has many a role to play in the equine body. It is particularly linked to the involvement with cell division and growth rates. Zinc is a necessary addition to the hardy hoof supplement as, without it, your horse will not truly utilize the amino acids which in turn prevents the production of Keratin. All 3 of these ingredients are important factors in the formula to allow for the very best results.


Biotin is one of the best-known hoof ingredients on the market and is needed by your horse to ensure all-round health. This supplement provides 35mg of Biotin which is much more than is actually needed but ensures optimum hoof growth and health. This is particularly helpful for those equines with really poor hoof health who require an extra boost!


MSM is a widely used ingredient in many equine supplements such as those for the joints. Its key role is to bond protein strands in the hoof as well as an excellent source of dietary Sulphur which is a mineral that is necessary for the integrity of the hoof wall. Many humans who use MSM claim their fingernails grow much quicker and this has the exact same effect on the horse’s hoof.


Hay diets are often quite low in fatty acids and the addition of Linseed in this supplement helps to seal moisture in the hoof thanks for its high fatty content. It aids to stop the hooves from absorbing external moisture as well as maintaining the levels of moisture that are present.


Overall we really like this product and the clarity of ingredients detailed on the packaging is plausible. All of the key ingredients listed clearly contribute to the health and condition of your horse’s hooves and we feel the formula is spot on.

We can’t help but think this is a bit pricier than the competition, but you can be assured this has been made by a very well known, trusted brand and only the highest quality ingredients have been used throughout the manufacturing process.

The reviews show that customers are very happy with the overall effectiveness of this supplement and this one definitely gets the thumbs up from us!

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