Best Joint Supplements for Horses UK

Best Joint Supplements for Horses a horse and rider cantering on the beach

Let’s take a look at some of the best joint supplements for horses on the market today and how these can really help your horse manage their joint health issues.

Most horses at some point or another will need to take joint supplements. It rarely matters whether they are a youngster or in their later years in life, and the type of work your horse takes part in is also not a deciding factor when it comes to joint pain. At Horse Reviews we’ve put together our favourite products currently available inot the Best Joint Supplements for Horses UK.

Unfortunately, horse’s joints are not built to last and the demands on their bodies can often be too much. Prevention is always better than cure, but it can be difficult to always determine immediately whether, in fact, your horse is struggling with arthritis or joint pain. It is often the case it becomes more noticeable over time, usually when it is too late.

Why Use a Joint Supplement

Joint supplements are a great solution to joint pain. They are designed to help your horse move much more easily and seeks to reduce the impacts of arthritis, joint pain, and lameness. Your horse must be able to move smoothly and feel comfortable with everyday movement.


Horse supplements help to support normal and healthy joint function and can be key in eliminating stiffness, which can be common during colder weather. Older horses can massively benefit from joint supplements, as they tend to feel the effects of ongoing injuries with age. However, younger horses can often suffer from their joints too particularly those at competition or in a heavier style of work.

Joint supplements can be purchased very easily from all equine stores and are also widely available online. Supplements aren’t always that cheap to buy and purchasing online can often generate some great deals that you won’t want to miss out on.

Our #1 product is a great addition to any horse, old or young and can be a good preventative measure when used alongside the right advice.

Best Joint Supplements for Horses a horse and rider cantering on the beach
A guide to the Best Joint Supplements for Horses

Best Ingredients in a Horse Joint Supplement

So what can be found in your horse’s joint supplements?

Choosing a joint supplement for your horse can be tricky. Many variations of ingredients exist within joint supplements and with so many different combinations of ingredients available, you may find that one type works much better for your horse than another. Combinations of ingredients usually work best and provide the most all-round relief. Always make sure you read the label of ingredients carefully so you are in the know about what you are administering to your horse.

With that being said, here are 5 of the very best ingredients you will most commonly find in horse joint supplements:


Glucosamine is an amino sugar that is found in many horse joint supplements. It aims to reduce arthritic pain and might help to decrease the frequency of joint injections your horse needs. Its lubricating properties act as a shock absorber which effectively cushions the joint during exercise. It is a fast-acting supplement that can relieve pain sometimes as quickly as 10-15 days.

Chondroitin Sulfate

Chondroitin Sulfate works hand in hand with Glucosamine and is classed as a glycosaminoglycan which helps to slow the breakdown of cartilage. The pain relief effects of using this ingredient are not so apparent as with Glucosamine, but when working together, they can not only provide effective pain relief from arthritic type symptoms but also delay the cartilage deterioration rate. These two are an absolute powerhouse when combined.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid is a very popular ingredient for reducing pain, heat, and joint swelling in horses. It is commonly used in joint supplements with both Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate, but can also be purchased separately as either an oral tablet or in gel form. It is widely used for horses with injuries such as lacerations and abrasions thanks to its great wound healing properties.


Methyl Sulphonyl Methane, otherwise known as MSM works to reduce blood markers for oxidation and inflammation. It is particularly helpful for those equines suffering from chronic arthritis to manage pain and can be a good solution for aiding your horse to heal from an injury. It can also be highly beneficial for healthy skin, coat, and hooves and is often found in products that promote these types of health benefits.

Best Joint Supplements for Horses

Let’s take a look at some of the best horse joint supplements on the market today and how these can really help your horse manage their joint health issues. 

NAF Super Flex

A 3.2kg tub of SuperFlex

Super Flex Joint Supplements are manufactured by NAF Equine who has been providing products to the equestrian industry for over 30 years. This particular supplement is packed full of very relevant ingredients that assist heavily in helping horses with joint-related issues.

Ingredients in NAF Super Flex

  • Glucosamine
  • MSM
  • Antioxidants (Plant-based)
  • Chondroitin Sulphate
  • Hyaluronic Acid

Pros of NAF Super Flex

  • Balanced ingredients providing the perfect formula
  • Plant-based antioxidants helping to reduce inflammation the natural way
  • Multiple sizes available to purchase for convenience

Cons of NAF Super Flex

  • A bit on the expensive side

Why is NAF Super Flex a Best Horse Joint Supplement UK

This is quite truly one of the very best joint supplements on the market. The ingredients have been cleverly balanced in the formula for a maximum effect and the powerful antioxidant ingredients are a great addition that works to prevent free radical build up around the joints. We love that there are multiple sizing options available to buy that fit in with most budgets.

Feedmark Best Flex HA

Feedmark Best Flex HA

Best Flex HA is made by Feedmark who is undoubtedly one of the most well trusted equestrian brands in the world. They aim to lead the way in approving the health and well-being of millions of equines worldwide. The Best Flex HA joint supplement not only uses scientifically proven ingredients to help horses with joint pain but adds some additional natural ingredients into the mix to add an extra punch!

Ingredients in Feedmark Best Flex HA

  • Glucosamine
  • Chondroitin
  • MSM
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Vitamin C
  • Omega 3
  • Boswellia

Pros of Feedmark Best Flex HA

  • Extra natural ingredients added into the formula for an added boost (Vitamin C, Omega 3 and Boswellia)
  • Provides the highest levels of ingredients to help support flexibility and suppleness
  • A great mix of sizing options available at reasonable prices

Cons of Feedmark Best Flex HA

  • Higher price point

Why is Feedmark Best Flex HA a Best Horse Joint Supplement UK

Since Feedmark is such a well-known, reputable brand we thought this would be an extremely expensive product. We were pleasantly surprised to see that the value for money was very reasonable with lots of sizing options available. The great mix of ingredients is definitely a plus point and the addition of Boswellia is known to help soothe active and tired joints which we thought was a nice touch to the overall formula.

Equistro Flexadin

Equistro Flexadin

Equistro Flexadin is produced by German manufacturing company Vetoquinol and has been serving the equestrian community since 1986. This company pays particular attention to using raw ingredients in their supplements and this brand has taken a slightly different direction to the norm with the ingredients included in their joint supplements.

Ingredients in Equistro Flexadin

  • UCII® – a molecule of undenatured (natural) type II collagen
  • Manganese – Trace mineral
  • MSM

Pros of Equistro Flexadin

  • The addition of UCII® helps massively for horses recovering from painful injuries
  • Great for horses in competition whose joint mechanisms are under intense strain
  • Easy to use

Cons of Equistro Flexadin

  • This company are not quite so well-known compared to the likes of Feedmark and NAF
  • We’re not convinced about the addition of Manganese in this formula as most horses get the required amount through their daily diet and deficiencies are rare.
  • This is a high-end budget option and may not be obtainable for everyone

Why is Equistro Flexadin a Best Horse Joint Supplement UK

We love the mix of ingredients for the most part and think the addition of UCII® is a game-changer. Particularly for horses who in the recovery stages from an injury. This is also a great product for horses that are in fast and heavy work and can help loosen up the joints. This supplement is a little on the expensive side, but we think the overall effects will far outweigh the price.

Synequin Equine

Synequin Equine

Synequin joint supplements are a product produced by Vet Plus who have been trading since 1995 as a family run business from Lancashire, the UK. This supplement is made with top quality premium ingredients that have been designed to support your horse’s joints by maintaining healthy cartilage.

Ingredients in Synequin Equine

  • Glucosamine
  • Chondroitin Sulphate
  • Zinc – helps to repair cartilage and encourage collagen development
  • Vitamin C – antioxidant properties helping to neutralize harmful free radicals

Pros of Synequin Equine

  • The addition of zinc and vitamin C are great additions to this product for extra joint support
  • Can be bought in handy size sachets for ultimate convenience
  • A trusted UK brand for peace of mind

Cons of Synequin Equine

  • This product is on the expensive side
  • Does not appear to be a particularly fast-acting formula

Why is Synequin Equine a Best Horse Joint Supplement UK

We absolutely love that this product comes in individual sachets. This is so convenient and makes administering so much easier. This is a massive plus point for this brand. We also think the presence of zinc in the formula is a great add on ingredient as it can bridge the gap between any deficiencies that may be present. Overall (except for price) we really like this supplement.

Cortaflex® HA Regular

Cortaflex® HA Regular

Cortaflex is a brand of the very popular horse supplement company ‘Equine America’. You don’t get better quality than this brand. It has been serving the equestrian community for years and customers seem to come back time and time again. The Cortaflex HA Regular has a solid mix of ingredients and has been tried and tested selling around 2 million units worldwide.

Ingredients in Cortaflex® HA Regular

  • MSM
  • Collagen
  • Hyaluronic Acid

Pros of Cortaflex® HA Regular

  • Low in sugar content which is great for those equines watching calories
  • Minimal ingredients – no unnecessary fillers
  • Great value for money!

Cons of Cortaflex® HA Regular

  • We searched and searched, but could not find any faults with this brand

Why is Cortaflex® HA Regular a Best Horse Joint Supplement UK

This is a brand that has sold 2 million units worldwide for a reason! Their customer base is huge for this product alone which tells us that it must be working well for the majority of equines experiencing joint issues. We love that it is low in sugar which can help aid horses with weight issues. We also think for such a huge brand that this is overall great value for money.

Feedmark Flaxamine 10:10

Feedmark Flaxamine 10:10

Feedmark has factored into our top 10 again with their Flexamine 10:10 joint supplement and we are not sorry. This is such a fantastic brand that produces many types of joint supplements in particular. They say there is something out there for everyone and Feedmark wants to make sure they have covered all bases.

Ingredients in Feedmark Flaxamine

  • Glucosamine
  • MSM

Pros of Feedmark Flaxamine

  • Minimal ingredients at higher doses for maximum effect
  • The palatable formula for those fussy equines out there
  • Very good value for money (cheaper than Feedmark Best Flex HA)

Cons of Feedmark Flaxamine

  • If Glucosamine and MSM don’t work well for your horse then there are no other ingredients in this formula to take the strain.
  • This supplement contains additives

Why is Feedmark Flaxamine a Best Horse Joint Supplement UK

We love that this product is so reasonably priced. It is without a doubt one of the most cost-effective on our list with numerous size pots available to buy. We always think that minimal ingredients are the way to go if you can do so and the two ingredients in this formula are an absolute powerhouse when put together.

Blue Chip Dynamic

Blue Chip Dynamic Joint Supplement

Blue Chip Dynamic is a well-known budget brand that provides supplements at a very reasonable cost for the everyday horse owner. Supplements can be expensive and this brand has come up with ways in which they can provide joint care for all. This is a super-concentrated product which provides a maximum effect to tackle joint issues.

Ingredients in Blue Chip Dynamic

  • Glucosamine
  • Organic MSM
  • Oils
  • Herbs

Pros of Blue Chip Dynamic

  • Refill bags available for ultimate convenience
  • The addition of herbs in the formula is a massive bonus and can aid joint care and pain
  • Fantastic value for money. The cheapest on our list by far

Cons of Blue Chip Dynamic

  • There is only a 3kg size tub available so there isn’t a choice available should you require a bigger size for convenience

Why is Blue Chip Dynamic a Best Horse Joint Supplement UK

We love that Blue Chip Dynamic caters to all budgets. Owning horses is expensive business and joint issues are inevitable over time. We think the addition of herbs in the formula is a game-changer on top of the already scientifically proven ingredients such as Glucosamine and MSM. The herbs are likely to encourage this formula to be more effective when dealing with joint problems. This gets a big thumbs up form us!

Newmarket Joint Supplement

Newmarket Joint Supplement

Newmarket Joint Supplements are manufactured by a UK company called Newmarket premixes. These guys are a leading supplier of bio-available glucosamine and all of their products are regularly tested at Europe’s leading testing laboratory. Glucosamine is quite possibly the number one ingredient used in horse joint supplements to help soothe and lubricate the joints. This product is highly concentrated and made with 99% Glucosamine which is the highest on the market.

Ingredients in Newmarket

  • Glucosamine

Pros of Newmarket

  • Highly concentrated levels of Glucosamine providing the scientifically correct dosage for horses
  • Minimal ingredients – no unnecessary fluff or fillers added
  • Great reviews from customers who seem to return to this brand time and time again

Cons of Newmarket

  • Not such a well-known brand as others on our list
  • A bit on the expensive side

Why is Newmarket a Best Horse Joint Supplement UK

We like the fact that there are minimal ingredients in this product. Usually, a mix of ingredients is the best option, however, we feel Glucosamine alone is powerful and strong enough to help with joint-related issues. This is why it is usually the first ingredient found in most joint supplement brands. Customers seem to like this product and it is important to look at reviews to see how effective this may be for your horse. We think this product could be a winner for most horses.

YuMove Active Joint

YuMove Active Joint

Lastly, but certainly not least we have the Yu Move joint supplement which is well worthy addition to our top 10 list. This is made by a UK company with over 10 years in the pet health and nutrition sector. This product is a mid-range price point that provides all the benefits of some of the more expensive brands. It has a great mix of ingredients with some additions that you may not have found in some of our other products on this list making it a pretty unique option.

Ingredients in YuMove Active Joint

  • Glucosamine HCl
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Vitamin C and Vitamin E
  • ActivEase Green Lipped Mussel
  • MSM

Pros of YuMove Active Joint

  • Reasonable value for money at a mid-range price point
  • Unique natural ingredients such as ActivEase Green Lipped Mussel that have been proven to help the anti-inflammatory response
  • 60-day money-back guarantee if you are not happy with this product for peace of mind

Cons of YuMove Active Joint

  • Not such a well-known brand which may be a bit off-putting
  • Limited size options available

Why is YuMove Active Joint a Best Horse Joint Supplement UK

Yu Move Horse Supplement is a great affordable option with some interesting ingredient additions that haven’t been found in any other of our top 10 list. We love the ActivEase Green Lipped Mussel which is being seen increasingly more in joint supplements on the market. This ingredient increases the amount of Omega 3 fatty acids produced that can help aid the body’s natural anti-inflammatory process and contribute towards easing stiffness after training sessions.


If we had to choose, we’d go for the Blue Chip Dynamic or Yu Move supplements. They both contain some great ingredients, have fantastic price points, and customer reviews to back up their effectiveness. Blue Chip even sells refill bags which just make this so much more convenient.

As you can see, these are the best of the best horse joint supplements on the market today, and no matter what ingredients, price points and branding you are looking for there is something here for everyone.

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