Mountain Horse Sovereign Riding Boots Review

Harriet Upton

Finding the correct footwear for riding can be tricky and there are so many varieties on the market it can be difficult to decide which ones would be best. There are a few key things that you need to look out for when purchasing a pair of riding boots. You want a boot with a small heel for safety, a minimal amount of grip on the sole, and a boot that is strong and durable. Boots aren’t cheap, so taking the time to choose wisely is imperative. There are also numerous design choices and materials to choose from, making the decision even harder.

We recently reviewed the Mountain Horse Sovereign Riding Boots which have some fantastic features that we just couldn’t wait to tell you about!

Who is Mountain Horse?

Mountain Horse is probably one of the most well-known equestrian retailers in the world. They are a Swedish company that has been operating for over 30 years and are a highly regarded equestrian brand in the UK.

Their philosophy is to integrate sustainability throughout the business and create products for the equestrian world that are durable and built to last. Mountain Horse constantly strives to improve processes and create products made from materials that are environmentally friendly to the environment. This company is ideal if you are looking to go eco-friendly with your horse.

Key Features of the Mountain Horse Sovereign Riding Boots

Flexnotch™ technology

The Mountain Horse Sovereign Riding Boots are made with an exclusive Flexnotch™ technology that provides a softer, easier heels down position. It is important to feel comfortable whilst riding and this boot aims to provide you with all the comfort you crave. Unlike some boots that just feel hard on your heels and don’t provide much flexibility. The ShockX™ ergonomically designed cushioning footbed is also a nice touch for even more comfort.

Hidden Elastic

We love the hidden elastic at the back of this boot. The Mountain Horse Sovereign Riding Boot is made with a genuine YKK® zipper in the back and provides elastic along the inside back of the shaft. This provides the rider with much more flexibility and comfort as well as the ability to achieve a much better fit to the leg.


The Mountain Horse Sovereign Riding Boot is made from hardwearing, lustrous full-grain leather upper. Leather is known to be a highly durable material and we think these boots are quite possibly built to last. They look great too and exhibit a beautiful shine and finish that will have you looking the absolute biz.


We love nothing more than some added extras with a horsie purchase. The Mountain Horse Sovereign Riding Boots come with complimentary inflatable boot trees (otherwise known as ‘shoe trees’) and boot bag. This is so handy. The inflatable boot trees help to keep your footwear in shape so they are always looking fresh and new. The boot bag is great for storing your footwear at home or when travelling to a show where you want to ensure your boots stay as shiny as you left them after cleaning.


Overall the Mountain Horse Sovereign Riding Boots are a fantastic purchase. The reviews themselves second this and there are many happy customers who absolutely love these boots.

Mountain Horse is a very popular brand and we would not consider these riding boots particularly cheap, however, they are made from very high-quality durable leather that tends to be much more expensive than some of the synthetics boots on the market.

The hidden elastic at the back of the boot is a great idea and will give you much more flexibility and a better fit for your calf. The added extras such as the boot bag are also a nice touch.

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