Equistro Flexadin Review

Equistro Flexadin Review

Equine joint health is an important factor for any horse owner to consider. Good conformation of the limbs allows for improved movement and helps to eliminate the risk of injury. Keeping joints supple and lubricated is key to ensuring optimum joint health for your equine friend. Joint trauma and inflammation of the joints are pretty common, and daily activity can cause strain, wear, and tear on your horse.

Horses at competition or those in heavy, fast work can also benefit from a joint supplement. Performance horses are renowned for torn tendons and ligaments and this type of work can play havoc with your horse’s joints. This where joint supplements may help.

Joint supplements are a great solution to joint pain. They are designed to help your horse move much more easily and seek to reduce the impacts of arthritis, joint pain, and lameness. Your horse must be able to move smoothly and feel comfortable with everyday movement. Horse supplements help to support normal and healthy joint function and can be key in eliminating stiffness, which can be common during colder weather.

Let’s take a look at the Equistro Flexadin joint supplement and all it has to offer which is specifically targeted at performance horses or those in heavy daily work.

Who is Equistro?

Equistro Pharma GmbH was founded in Germany in 1986. It later became part of Vetoquinol, the international veterinary pharmaceutical laboratory, and shortly after moved it’s manufacturing in France. The company has since expanded worldwide and launched in the USA and Canada in 2016.

Vetoquinol pays very particular attention to where they source its raw ingredients, with many of its products coming from the leaves, fruits, or roots of different plants and spices from around the world. Stringent quality control measures are in place and all of their materials used conform to the relevant Pharmacopoeia imposed standards.

In 2018 Equistro was proud to announce the appointment of their first ambassador, Equistro Siena Just Do It, who is the horse of German event rider, Ingrid Klimke.

Ingredients in the Equistro Flexadin


UCII® a molecule of undenatured (natural) type II collagen. It is said to have a significant in joint comfort which can be particularly helpful if you have a horse recovering from a painful injury or an older horse that is in pain with arthritis.

Much research has been carried on UCII® to determine how effective this molecule can be for helping horses with joint problems with some positive outcomes. Many professionals believe using a more natural ingredient such as this has much better effects and is safer for your horse too. There is no doubt this ingredient is being used more and more these days as more research presents itself.


Manganese is a trace mineral that plays a pivotal role in metabolizing carbohydrates and fat. It is known to synthesize chondroitin sulfate which is absolutely essential for the formation of cartilage.

There is very little known about Manganese deficiency in horses, however, studies on other animals such as swine and poultry have shown that this kind of deficiency could lead to large joints, crooked limbs, and abnormal development.

Manganese deficiency is not very common in horses and only a relatively small amount is required for optimum health which is usually provided by good quality forage. This is why it is vitally important you only feed this supplement in the recommended amounts as an overdose is possible.


MSM is a favourable ingredient for horse joint supplements and has been shown to support successful recovery after rigorous exercise. It works to support muscle recovery so it can be a fantastic option for horses and ponies recovering from injury or those that need a little extra help after exercise.

It works to reduce blood markers for oxidation and inflammation and helps protect the structure of the connective tissue that surrounds your horse’s joints.

MSM can also be highly beneficial for healthy skin, coat, and hooves and is often found in products that promote these types of health benefits.

Equistro Flexadin Review Conclusion

Overall we really like this supplement. We are not too convinced about the manganese element of this formula as we believe most horses receive the required amount through their daily diet. Because of the presence of this ingredient, you have to be particularly careful with the dosing or you may find your horse has too much manganese in their system.

In contrast, MSM is a very powerful addition to this formula and with all the recent research carried out on Collagen we think this could be the new ‘must-have’ ingredient in modern-day joint supplements.

The reviews are good for this supplement and the price is reasonable. Our only reservation is around one of the ingredient elements (Manganese) and therefore we feel it is only right to highlight this as a precaution.

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