Products to treat thrush in horse hooves

products for thrush in hooves

Looking for products to treat thrush in horse hooves in the UK? Then our product guide here will be able to help.

Our article on thrush in horse hooves offers a variety of information on the causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention, so don’t forget to check it out to learn more about the condition.

With an industry packed full of products to treat all kinds of ailments in horses (thankfully), we’ve narrowed down your search to the top products available to combat thrush in horse hooves.

Why a mixture of products for thrush?

We’ve included a selection of different products available for thrush, as treatment often requires a dual approach to get rid of the problem. Once the hoof has been cleaned and dried, a product to help prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi should be applied. Once the problem has been resolved, you may wish to keep on top of the area by applying a product that can help prevent the problem moving forward. Also, we’ve taken price into consideration bearing in mind the current cost of living crisis.

Best products for thrush in hooves

Here we look at products for the first step of treating thrush, the initial cleansing/cleaning of the hoof. An antibacterial solution should be applied thoroughly to the frog and surrounding areas, including the sulci and bulbs of heal. Pay close attention to the saturation and reach of the product. By removing all debris and dirt, not only are you cleaning the area, you are helping prevent dirt from falling back in after washing. Pat the hoof and lower leg dry with a clean towel.

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Molnlycke Health Care Hibiscrub


Hibicrub is a must-have item for owners because of its versatility. An antimicrobial skin cleanser, it helps kill a wide range of bacteria, yeasts, fungi and viruses. In this case, using hibiscrub to clean the horse’s hoof will kill the bacteria or fungi responsible for the thrush.

Can also be used on other animals, including cats, dogs and guinea pigs.


Available on Amazon, click here.

Red Horse Sole Cleanse Hoof Disinfectant for best thrush treatment for horses UK

Red Horse Sole Cleanse Hoof Disinfectant

This sole cleanser disinfects the horse’s frog and sole. It helps prevent foul odour and blackening of the frog by destroying bacterial and fungal microbes to promote healthy hoof growth.


Available on Amazon, click here.

Best products to use after cleaning the hoof

Once the hoof is clean and dry, a product to help further treat and combat the thrush should be used. When applying a product to the sulci (crevices) of the hoof, be mindful of targeting all areas to prevent the spread and new growth of bacteria or fungi. These treatments often offer benefits such as healthy growth of the frog.

Leovet FrogMedic for best thrush treatment for horses UK

Leovet Frog Medic

Used to dry out the horse’s hoof, Leovet FrogMedic works to penetrate the frog thoroughly, including the surrounding areas. The spray’s long, thin tube allows for precision application which helps block out moisture and helps grow back a healthy frog.


Available on VioVet, click here.

Thrush Magic for best thrush treatment for horses UK

Thrush Magic

An effective product to combat thrush in hooves. The product comes as a paste in a tube for precision application and is non-soluble in water or urine. It contains anti-bacterial, antifungal ingredients, including Australian tea tree oil to nourish the hoof.

30cc per tube

Available on Total Foot Protection, click here.

Frog Oil Spray from Gold Label

Another treatment that will help with thorough application around the crevices is the Frog Oil from Gold Label. The spray pump allows for a greater coverage area and will use power to penetrate smaller areas and gaps. To be applied to the frog, typically over a week, to maintain the healing process.


Available on VioVet, click here.

Poducts to help prevent thrush in the hooves

Aside from clean, dry bedding and restricting times of exposure to excessively muddy paddocks, there are a few products available that will help prevent your horse from getting thrush. Prevention is better than cure, so as part of your grooming routine, add in one of the following …

Life Data Hoof Clay

Life Data Hoof Clay

Life Data Hoof Clay can be used as a long-term solution to prevent thrush. The product can also be used for other problems that occur in the hoof. The clay should be applied twice a week to the crevices of the frog (sulci). Contains Iodine, Tea Tree Oil and Yucca Extract.


Available on Amazon, click here.

Kevin BAcon Hoof Dressing

Kevin Bacon’s Liquid Hoof Dressing

Another versatile product, Kevin Bacon’s Liquid Hoof Dressing, can be used on the hoof wall alongside the underneath. Perfect for maintaining a healthy moisture balance in the hoof by forming a barrier to prevent excessive amounts of water from penetrating the entire hoof.

1 Ltr tin, comes with an applicator.

Available on Amazon, click here.


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