Simple Stable Yard Rules

Simple Stable Yard Rules to keep yard goers happy and safe

Simple Stable Yard Rules

Here are some simple stable yard rules to help keep all equestrians and their horses’ happy campers …

  • If you get it out, put it back
  • If you open it, close it
  • If you unlock it, lock it back up
  • If you switch it on, switch it off
  • If you have used it, put it back where you found it
  • If it’s not yours, don’t help yourself
  • Always ask before using other people’s things
  • Don’t leave one horse alone in the field if they are used to being in a herd and all their field mates have been brought in
  • Remove droppings from schooling areas and riding fields if your horse went to ‘the toilet’ while in there
  • Be pleasant to other yard ‘goers’
  • Keep the noise down, horses don’t like noise and neither do other people
  • Don’t pass judgement unless requested, and only do so in a kind constructive way
  • Don’t talk about people ‘behind their back’
  • Understand people do things differently
  • If you make a mess (that includes your horse) clean up after yourself
  • If you’ve got a problem or are concerned about a horse go to the boss, your problem doesn’t have to be everyone else’s….

Top tip: Print this out and stick it on the tack room notice board!

Horses are expensive animals to keep, they should be cared for yet enjoyed at the same time. Too many yards have problems with arguments, fall-outs, and unnecessary upset. This in turn will impact your horse’s well-being, While we are sure not all livery yards are the same, we hope you’ll join us in our sentiment; “You’re there to spend time with your horse, lets help make it enjoyable by working with each other rather than against”.

Enjoy your horses’ people!