Products to treat thrush in horse hooves

products for thrush in hooves

Looking for products to treat thrush in horse hooves in the UK? Then our product guide here will be able to help. Our article on thrush in horse hooves offers a variety of information on the causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention, so don’t forget to check it out to learn more about the condition. With an industry packed full of products to treat all kinds of ailments in horses (thankfully), we’ve narrowed down your search to the top products available to combat thrush in horse hooves. Why a mixture of…

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Ragwort Poisoning in Horses

Common Ragwort for Ragwort Poisoning in Horses article on Everything Horse

Ragwort Poisoning; information on prevention and treatment from the team at XLEquine. Ragwort is a very common weed, recognised by its bright yellow flowers. It’s often seen growing in equine paddocks, on rough land and on roadside verges. It can also be found on pasture that is particularly overgrazed, or in ‘starvation’ paddocks. When it is growing it is unpalatable to horses, but when wilted or dried in hay, it loses its bitter taste and will readily be eaten but unfortunately retains its toxic properties. The toxins in ragwort damage…

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Equine MediRecord revolutionise horse welfare at leading Irish Horse Show

Cian O'Connor and a grey horse tackling a showjumping water jump in arena.

Kildare-based Equine MediRecord will be on hand with their revolutionary software platform at the largest equine event in Ireland, the Royal Dublin Society (RDS) Dublin Horse Show, with horses from Ireland’s Young Event Horse Series. The protocol will include a new version of the platform to help all the horses and athletes in the trial comply with biosecurity rules for this year’s event. The revolutionary software will help to check information in advance, helping to safeguard the welfare of all horses competing. Prior submission of equine vaccine and other records…

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Keeping your horse hydrated this summer

a bay horse with a bridle on and a plaited mane to represent the importance of hydration in the summer

Learn more about how to keep your horse hydrated this summer in our article here. Exercising your horse in summer can lead to increased sweating and therefore losing more water and electrolytes than in normal conditions. Interestingly, an increase in environmental temperature to over 33 degrees can quadruple the loss of water from the horse’s body without even starting to exercise. How much water does a horse need? Water is vital for the horse, not only to stay hydrated but also for the function of physiological systems. These include the…

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Healthiest Body Condition Awards showcase at Shira’aa Hickstead Derby 2023

Obese horse grazing. Horse's Trust encourages health body condition

The Al Shira’aa Hickstead Derby and The Horse Trust are delighted to announce that the Healthiest Body Condition Awards will be presented in an array of showing classes at the 2023 event. Instigated by The Horse Trust, in association with the University of Liverpool, the aim is to raise awareness of the dangers of equine obesity and to encourage owners, riders and producers to keep their horses at a healthy weight. Hickstead led the way in introducing the Awards in the programme’s pilot year and have been influential in establishing…

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Horses need sun protection too…

horse sun protection type - Hy Defence AirFlow 600D Combo Fly Rug

Horses need sun protection too… The British Horse Society is urging horse owners to be extra vigilant during hot weather The British Horse Society (BHS) has advised owners to be extra vigilant during this weekend’s hot weather and ensure their horses have shade, water and high-factor SPF protection. With temperatures soaring, the charity is warning of the dangers to horses from strong UV rays. Welfare Campaigns Officer for The British Horse Society, Gabby Madders said; Horses are affected by the sun in the same way as humans. So, during hot weather spells a…

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Correct Feeding for Weight Management

weight management in horses image of a young lady on her horse

Correct feeding for weight management in horses can be tricky. The right condition is essential for health and well-being, therefore it is vital to undertake correct feeding for a healthy horse weight. So, Lisa Elliott, MSc – Nutritionist at Castle Horse Feeds,  has broken down some essential guidelines to help your horse achieve and maintain a healthy weight, all year round! The Underweight Horse The right nutrition will support weight gain if your horse is underweight. Whilst it’s natural for horses to be slimmer going into spring, if your horse is…

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