Supplements for Stiff Horses

Stiffness for our equine friends is quite a common scenario and can be particularly prevalent in those horses in their later years in life. Arthritis and Osteoporosis can cause major stiffness in horses and can interfere heavily with the range of movement and flexibility. It is inevitable at some point in your horse’s life they will experience stiffness, even if this is a result of injury alone.

This can be a particularly frustrating situation for both you and your equine friend and in some cases can affect the quality of your horse’s life. Luckily help is at hand and supplements have become far more widely available over the years to help combat difficulties such as stiffness and arthritis.

There are many types of supplements on the market that can help horses with stiffness. One of the key products on the market to help with this issue is joint supplementation. These type of supplements are not only good for joint problems but can really help your horse regain movement and loosen up the stiff areas.

Let’s take a look at 3 of the very best supplements on the market to assist with stiffness in your horse and where you can purchase these from.

Top 3 Supplements for Horses for Stiff Horses


1. Pilot Freedom

If you are looking for the very best supplement on the market for horses with stiff joints then look no further! Pilot Freedom is a winning formula that is ideal for horses that suffer from stiffness and arthritic symptoms. It aims to provide your horse with ultimate freedom of movement and you’ll never have to worry about unwanted side effects. Whether attending to an older horse or helping out the performance horse, Pilot Freedom is there to assist you at all times!

Ingredients in Pilot Freedom

Pros of Pilot Freedom

  • Improves stiffness and associated pain
  • Enhances movements and boosts mobility
  • Some of the safest, proven ingredients on the market
  • Powerful effects with zero unwanted side effects

Cons of Pilot Freedom

  • Pilot Freedom is a great all-round product that we just couldn’t find fault with.

Why Pilot Freedom is a best supplement for stiffness in horses

Pilot Freedom is a growing brand that has recently become better well known within the equestrian community. It is a great value for money product that provides a great mix of quality ingredients at affordable prices. Formulated with some of the safest ingredients on the market, you will always have peace of mind that you are providing your horse with the best of the best. Best of all this product really does work. This is definitely a brand that you will want to keep your eye on in the future. Why not try out Pilot Freedom now!


2. Newmarket

Newmarket is a popular brand that customers come back to time and time again. This is predominantly used as a joint supplement for horses, however, can be particularly powerful at assisting with horses that suffer from stiffness and the pain that can often be associated with such issue. Newmarket is a leader in its field and provides a minimal ingredient supplement of Glucosamine, great for those looking for a powerful ingredient that has been scientifically proven to work.

Ingredients in Newmarket

  • Pure Glucosamine HCL

Pros of Newmarket

  • High levels of bio-available Glucosamine at a scientifically correct dosage
  • No unnecessary fillers or nasty bits
  • Minimal ingredients (so you really understand what you are getting)
  • A popular, well-known brand that customers love – for complete peace of mind

Cons of New Market

  • Slightly more expensive than you would expect from a brand of this kind.

Why Newmarket is a best supplement for stiffness in horses

We love the Newmarket supplement thanks to its minimal ingredients that are really proven to work. Sometimes less is more and many supplements on the market add in unnecessary ingredients into the formula which just doesn’t sit right with us. Glucosamine is a powerful substance that has been scientifically proven to have the maximum effect with horses that suffer from stiffness. This is a good value for money product, with quality ingredients and we were sure not to leave this popular supplement off our top 3 recommendations.


3. Cortaflex® HA Regular

Cortaflex is produced by the ever so popular Equine America who are quite possibly leaders in the horse supplements field. The Cortaflex HA Regular supplement has a huge customer following and so far this tried and tested product has sold over 2 million units worldwide! This is a supplement that is ideal for those horses suffering from stiffness thanks to its fantastic mix of ingredients and is sold at a very reasonable price that we would consider to be assessable to all. Cortaflex is a real winning product and we just couldn’t leave this off of our top 3 list!

Ingredients in Cortaflex® HA

  • MSM
  • Collagen
  • Hyaluronic Acid

Pros of Cortaflex® HA

  • Great for weight management – low in calories
  • No unnecessary fillers and a great mix of proven ingredients
  • Good value for money considering this is such a well-known brand
  • Highly palatable (alfalfa-based)

Cons of Cortaflex® HA

  • Many people believe these type of supplements are not any good if they do not contain Glucosamine however we believe MSM is just as powerful.

Why Cortaflex® HA is a best supplement for stiffness in horses

The mix of ingredients in this supplement is a fantastic formula for combating stiffness in horses. MSM is widely known to help with chronic arthritic symptoms and stiffness and can also work as a great pain reliever. The addition of Hyaluronic Acid can also help with inflammation which can often cause stiffness in horses, particularly within the area of the joints. Cortaflex® HA has a huge following and is a product that customers go back to time and time again. This is good value for money and the formula is worth its weight in gold!



As you can see there are many great supplements to help horses with stiffness on the market. We have tried and tested many of these to help guide you in the right direction. Pilot Freedom without a doubt is our winning supplement. We don’t think you will find a more effective and great value for money product than this. This supplement contains all the scientifically proven ingredients that is likely to be very effective for your horse and when looking at quality vs cost Pilot Freedom is a win-win in our eyes!

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