DEVILS CLAW  – With the competition season fast approaching it is important that competitors and owners are keeping themselves up to speed with the current list of prohibited competition substances.


If competing under FEI rules, the active ingredient Devils Claw, has now been moved on to the governing body’s controlled medication list for 2016. Meaning Devils Claw is now a banned substance under this body.


Devils Claw has commonly been used to help ease muscle pain in horses for years and has also been used to treat arthritis in humans. However the herb contains harpagoside, an anti-inflammatory, which is now on the FEI’s banned list of substances.


Riders and owners are being urged to check all their supplements properly so they don’t find themselves potentially using banned substances without even being aware. The list is updated by the FEI annually.



Recommended alternative

Vetrofen Healthy and Vetrofen Intense offer a safe (clear to use under FEI rules) and effective alternative to any Devils Claw products, as well as being amazing value.


Vetrofen Intense contains a completely natural antioxidant blend that targets both comfort and recovery in all horses. It has been scientifically formulated to help horses and ponies when they require support in dealing with intense activity, the natural ageing process and recovery after exercise. Vetrofen Intense supports the body’s inflammatory response to aid recovery to short terms problems such as bruising, strains or injury as well as supporting function and flexibility in joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons, all of which can all detract from performance.


Vetrofen Healthy is a new everyday value supplement which is designed to give everyday support and improved comfort and mobility in active or ageing horses. The supplement helps to provide additional antioxidant nutrients to support the body’s own inflammatory response mechanisms, as well as provide comfort and greater flexibility in joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons.  The concentrated and varied antioxidant profile of Vetrofen Healthy works to promote overall wellbeing and quality of life for your horse, representing a unique and proven approach to managing comfort and recovery.

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Both the products have been scientifically formulated to help, support and enhance your horses performance, whether at competitions or simply enjoyment at home.


Vetrofen Healthy is available as a 30 day supply for only £19.99 or as a 90 day supply for £49.99

Vetrofen Intense is available as a 30 day supply for £54.99 or as a 90 day supply for £149.99


For more information tel: 0845 365 0050 to find your local Animalife Accredited Retailer or order online at (subject to delivery charges).