Super Stable Yard Equipment for Winter

stable yard products HySHINE Active Groom Bucket Cleaner Brush

Looking for stable yard equipment to help you get through the winter? Then look no further…

Some of us (the crazy ones) look forward to the winter. With astonishing amounts of mucking out on the offer, early mornings, cold weather and getting soaked wet through… what’s not to look forward to? Whilst others (the ‘sane’ bunch) dread it. Either way, we often find ourselves needing to replace items of stable yard equipment to help us through the winter, save us time and above all allow for a smooth running of every yard visit.

Here we round up a selection of stable yard equipment to help point you in the right direction when it comes to purchasing items around the yard.

Stubbs Hookie

A hook over the door …. hook, with two prongs which are great for hanging lead ropes, hoods, jackets, whips and so much more!

The Stubbs Hookie fits over most stable doors (top and bottom) or is also ideal for the tack/feed room use.

Reversible design, so it doesn’t matter which way around you hang it, the Hookie is made of hardwearing steal that’s covered with Stubbs ‘stubbyfine’ coating.

Colours are randomly allocated.

Available for £5.99 via Viovet, VISIT VIOVET PAGE HERE

Lincoln Yard Knife

Lincoln Yard Knife

The Lincoln Yard Knife is ideal for breaking bailing twine, particularly useful for large round bales. Safer than a knife lying around the yard, the blade is concealed so there’s minimun risk of injury.

Ideal if there’s young children or other animals around the stable yard.

Colours: Fluorescent yellow or white

Available for £3.95 each via Viovet, VISIT VIOVET PAGE HERE

Morning Feed, Evening Feed Covers

We couldn’t not include these in our stable yard equipment list. Great for organising, but above all, to keep vermin out of feed that’s stored outside the stable overnight.

Designed to go around a standard sized round feed bowl. Available with or without text on.

Colours include: pink, yellow, red or black.

One size only, elasticated.

Available between £4.99 – £5.99 via Amazon, VISIT AMAZON PAGE HERE

roma rug rack

Roma Rug Rack

We’ve included this due to its great price! Currently on sale via Viovet for only £9.01. (September 2018).

Keeping your rugs tidy, the Roma rack also includes two hanging hooks either side which is ideal for hoods and headcollars, if stored outside the stable.

Fit one heavyweight or two lightweight rugs over. Or choose to keep in the tack room for hi-viz garments or other hanging items.

Available in black only.

Sale price of £9.01, should be £10.99 via Viovet, VISIT VIOVET PAGE HERE

White Horse Equestrian Bungee Tie

White Horse Equestrian Bungee Tie

Colourful (and a little pretty) bungee tether to replace a lead rope. Quick release attachment, should the horse pull back, the bungee can be used at the yard, in a horsebox or at shows.

Available here in pink. Durable and strong.

Available for £8.99 via Amazon, VISIT AMAZON PAGE HERE 

stable rug rag three arms

Stubbs Rug Rack with Three Arms

A must-have for drying wet rugs or when organising multiple horses rugs. The Stubbs Rug Rack is available with either one arm, three (pictured here) or five.

When not in use, the arms fold away within each other, flat to the wall. Ideal for use in a rug room, but also handy for hay barns etc.

A strong structure, that will take a selection of wet rugs at any one time once attached correctly.

One arm or three arms available via Viovet from £23.50, VISIT VIOVET PAGE HERE

Bentley Garden Bulldozer Yard Broom

**RECOMMENDED PRODUCT**  Bentley Yard Broom

Hard wearing, long-handled yard brush that will help you get through the winter.

Easy to use on wet and dry floors, the brush has a sponge grip handle which can be swapped at the bottom, so the bristles wear evenly. Easy to wash out and covers a good amount of surface due to its wide brush base.

Great for use on uneven flooring, reliable, and affordable. Slightly heavy but great for heavy-duty daily use.

Colours: yellow/black

Available for only £13.99 via Amazon, VISIT AMAZON PAGE HERE

Tubtrugs One Piece Plastic Shovel

Tubtrugs One Piece Plastic Shovel

This Tubtrugs One Piece Plastic Shovel may seem like another ‘obvious’ choice but you won’t regret purchasing one when you’re busy taking out all the deep litter bedding each weekend. A handy tool to have for such occasions.

Available in a variety of colours if you’re one of the yard goers who like everything matching, and lightweight too due to its plastic base.

Colours: Pink, green, purple, Pistachio, red, yellow.

Available for £16.95 via Amazon, VISIT AMAZON PAGE HERE

HySHINE Active Groom Bucket Cleaner Brush

HySHINE Active Groom Bucket Cleaner Brush

An essential part of any winter yard routine is making sure water buckets, feed buckets, scoops and other items used for feed are cleaned regularly.

This HyShine brush is ideal to hang by the tap/hose for daily cleaning, especially after feed time. The hole in the end easily allows for a small amount of bailing twine to hang from a clip, hook or fence.

Colours: Bubblegum pink, Port Royal or Royal blue.

Available for only £4.90 each via Viovet, VISIT VIOVET PAGE HERE

Oypla 150KG Trolley

Save your back and time with a reliable little trolley to help with feed bags, shavings and bales of straw

Load capacity 150kg and easy to manoeuvre at only 7kg unladen. Dimensions 72cm x 48cm.

Also good for wheeling along morning and evening feeds, for the transport of heavy power packs and for keeping items off the floor.

Priced at £25.99 via Amazon, VISIT AMAZON PAGE HERE

arkmat lightweight stable mat

ARKMat Lightweight Stable Mats

Stable mats without the weight, the ARKMat lightweight mats are great for moving around without straining your back, making it easier for regular cleaning underneath.

Available with different thickness depending on requirements. Even though these stable mats are lightweight once they’re in place, from wall to wall, they are secure and offer the horse a warm, cushioned surface to stand and lie on.

From £36.00 each via Amazon, VISIT AMAZON PAGE HERE

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