Racesafe ProVent 3.0 Review

Racesafe ProVent 3.0 Review

Racesafe ProVent 3.0 Review

The Racesafe ProVent 3.0 is touted as one of the very best body protectors on the market right now and so we decided to take a look into this wonderful safety device in more detail. It has received some amazing reviews from happy customers who love the safety features, secure fit and design. Let’s delve in a little deeper into all this body protector has to offer and see if this could be a great addition to your horsey wardrobe.

Body protectors are a vital part of safety for horse riding particularly when taking part in certain disciplines such as cross country. Buying a body protector is an important purchase and finding one that fits you well is compulsory. It can often be the difference between a major injury and coming away from an accident unscathed (or at least with minimal injury).

There are so many different brands on the market today to choose from. It can be difficult to know which one to choose. Deciding on a brand you love or choosing a body protector for its visual aspects is the least of your worries. Finding a reputable brand that puts safety first as well as getting the right fit is always the best route to take.

Horse Reviews Best Body Protectors

Want to buy the best in terms of price, comfort and crucially protection?


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Who are Racesafe?

Racesafe is quite possibly one of the best equestrian brands on the market right now. This family-owned business is based in the UK and has a heritage of English manufacturing behind them. This brand is quite possibly leaders in the equestrian field for body protectors in particular and has been operating for over 50 years.

Racesafe have been producing body protectors for the racing world consistently and are known to provide some of the safest body protectors around. They have their own dedicated range for jockey’s and aim to provide products to the equestrian world that has a touch of style, coupled with safety and comfort.

This popular and trusted brand has a huge customer following and you can see from the amazing product reviews how well-loved this brand truly are.

Key Features of the Racesafe ProVent 3.0


The ProVent 3.0 is ideal for riders that want the feeling of not wearing a body protector at all. It can feel horrible riding around with what feels like a heavy weight pulling you down, but you’ll never have to worry with this product. This is a super lightweight option that gives you a feeling of comfort and lightness. This is particularly important for disciplines such as racing where weight makes all the difference to performance.

Racesafe ProVent 3.0 
Racesafe ProVent 3.0

The Racesafe ProVent 3.0 is also a great option during the winter months since it fits under or over a heavy jacket with ease. Likewise, during the summer months, this body protector ensures you stay cool without the weight weighing you down.


Getting the correct fitting is one of the most important factors in buying a new body protector. So many riders choose body protectors based on brands or designs they like. Getting a snug and correct fitting is vital for safety. A body protector that is too big or too small for you will not provide you with the security you need to keep you safe should an accident occur.

The Racesafe ProVent comes in 10 different sizing options. Giving you the very best chance of finding that perfect fit. This is ideal since we all come in very different shapes and sizes. Finding one that fits you well can be challenging. One of the great features about this product is the tall fit sizes. This caters to those with a longer body that is looking for full-length protection.


Finding the perfect fit in terms of sizing is only one factor in finding the best body protector. Many riders find that body protectors are stiff and uncomfortable which can easily restrict movement. Being able to move freely is important for any rider. The very last thing you want to feel stuck and unable to move sufficiently.

The RaceSafe ProVent 3.0 has been designed with flexibility in mind. This body protector gives you full flexibility thanks to its very clever design. Individually hinged sections allow for proper movement whilst still keeping you safe. It also features elasticated adjustments that move with your body without any gapping or limitations. So many of Racesafe customers comment on the comfort of this body protector. You can definitely see how this is such a crowd favourite.


Being comfortable whilst in the saddle is very important for most riders. It isn’t much fun riding for an hour in a heavy body protector with very little ventilation. Horse riding is a hot and sweaty business and therefore having a feeling of comfort is very important for riders.

The Racesafe ProVent has been designed with strategically placed breathable mesh. This provides a barrier all the way around the outer shell of the body protector which provides great ventilation giving you a feeling of coolness whilst you ride. Sweat can easily get wicked away from your body via the mesh panels leaving you as free as a bird.


Overall, this is a fantastic offering from Racesafe. We can see why so many customers rave about this very popular brand. Many jockeys swear by this body protector thanks to its super lightweight shell which is ideal for those in racing disciplines.

We love that this body protector is so flexible and allows for proper movement whilst wearing it. The elasticated adjustments and hinged panels ensure a secure fit whilst still allowing for full movement.

The biggest plus point is the breathable mesh panels. This keeps you cool and sweat-free, providing a much more comfortable ride all round.

There is without a doubt something for everyone here. The huge selection of sizes helps you buy a protector that not only truly fits you well, but also contours your body for ultimate safety.

This is one of our favourites by far. We think with the great features, multiple sizing availability and quality this is a great value for money product. This gets the thumbs up from us!

Horse Reviews Best Body Protectors

Want to buy the best in terms of price, comfort and crucially protection?

See the Best Body Protectors 2021


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