Horze Air Support Field Riding Boots Review

Horze Air Support Field Riding Boots

Having the correct footwear for riding goes a long way to your overall safety and comfort whilst in the saddle. It’s not just about getting the right size, but also a secure fit that makes your feet feel cool and comfortable.

There are many different designs and styles of riding boot available and similarly to riding hats where sometimes the one you like the most is not always the best fit. Some equestrians find longer boots to generally fit them better whereas other riders find short Jodhpur boots do the job nicely.

Today we chose to thoroughly check out the Horze Air Support Field Riding Boots to see what unique features and benefits these boots could offer riders looking for their next boot purchase.

Who are Horze?

Horze was founded in 1982 in the small Finnish town of Lahti by horse lover Gunnar Gangsø. He initially started his journey producing horse shoes, harnesses, and rugs which later expanded into the production of other equestrian products. The business has now grown at such a rate that it has expanded throughout most of Europe and continues to grow to this day.

Horze is now based in Oslo, Norway, and is proud to have online shops in 12 different countries and 14 physical shops throughout Scandinavia and Germany. With an assortment of over 40,000 products to choose from and a large wholesale network reaching as far as the USA and Australia, we can’t help but think this brand will continue to just get bigger and bigger.

Key Features of the Horze Air Support Field Riding Boots

Cushioned Heel

We all strive for comfort whilst in the saddle and Horze Air Support Field Riding Boots aims to provide just that. This is a practical boot for everyday riding and has been specifically designed with a cushioned ‘air bubble’ heel for maximum comfort and support. If this doesn’t encourage you to keep your heel down I don’t know what will!

High-Quality Materials

The Horze Air Support Field Riding Boots have been made with premium, high-quality materials which is a requirement these days for any good riding boot. The 100% genuine leather is strong and durable which is ideal if you are looking for a long-standing boot. Leather does tend to require extra maintenance than synthetics to keep it looking shiny and new, but the lasting effects are worth the extra care.

Elastic laces

We love the elasticated laces which provide the rider with much more flexibility and movement at the front of the boot. Although the laces are fixed and cannot be undone the elasticated element can be particularly helpful if you find it difficult to get the right fit in long riding boots. These boots have a zip fastening at the back and the laces provide just a bit more leeway to achieve that snug, secure fit.


These are a limited edition riding boot that may not be around for long and quite often prices are hiked up for premium, exclusive products. We couldn’t believe how reasonably priced these boots were, particularly for 100% genuine leather. Many riding boots of this kind are twice the price and we think this is a very good deal indeed. You must get in quick though, they won’t be around for long.


Overall, this is an extremely stylish boot with lots to offer, and choosing the right riding boot is vitally important. As someone who struggles myself to fit well into long riding boots, I can say that the elasticated laces are a real plus! They really do help with being able to do the back zipper up. They also allow you more flexibility which aids in the comfortability factor.

Price-wise we can’t fault this product. For a genuine leather long boot, this is an absolute bargain. This is a boot that is stylish and has the potential to not only be comfortable but also long-wearing. Thumbs up form us!

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