Charles Owen Ayr8 Riding Helmet Review

Charles Owen Ayr8 Riding Helmet

Charles Owen Ayr8 Riding Helmet Review

Product Review | Charles Owen Ayr8 Riding Helmet Review

Riding helmets are an important piece of safety kit and one that shouldn’t be ignored if you plan to get up in the saddle. Helmets can prevent injury from falls and are frequently a life-saving piece of equestrian gear. There are many different types of riding helmets to choose from on the market today and with such a massive choice, it makes purchasing a new helmet very confusing.

We decided to take a look further at the Charles Owen Ayr8 Riding Helmet to give you some further information on what this riding helmet has to offer.

Who are Charles Owen?

Charles Owen is a family run business, that is one of the most well-loved, worldwide equestrian brands on the market. A leading manufacturer, founded in the UK in 1911, with a mission to create equestrian products for a safer world. They are a trusted brand known for safety, quality and prestige fashion.

Key Features of the Charles Owen Ayr8 Riding Helmet

  • Front and rear ventilation

All that riding can get you a bit hot and bothered, so the Charles Owen Ayr8 Riding Helmet has been designed for ultimate comfort in mind. With 12 centrally located front and rear ventilation slots, covered with breathable air mesh, this hat will ensure you stay cool and comfortable during training sessions.

  • Anti-microbial lining

We all know wearing a horseriding helmet can get a bit whiffy. All that hard work you are putting into your riding can give you a thorough workout and make you sweat. The Charles Owen Ayr8 Riding Helmet features an Anti-microbial lining which helps to reduce odor and unwanted sweaty smells. Thank goodness for that!

  • Multiple Safety Standards

Safety is paramount for any equestrian sport and the Charles Owen brand have taken safety to a new level with the Ayr8 Riding Helmet. It meets multiple safety standards (ASTM F1163-15, PAS015:2011, VG1 01-040 2014-12), so you can worry less about safety and more about enjoying your riding. 

  • Stylish

No-one really wants to look like an egg head when they are out for a ride and you can be sure Charles Owen Ayr8 will provide you with nothing but style and fashion when you step out onto the yard. The helmet is designed purposely with a low profile, so there is no fear of you feeling like you are riding around with a giant football on your head! Not a good look, or a good feeling.

  • Choice of colours

Everyone likes a choice in life and the Charles Owen Ayr8 has provided you with just that. With 7 choices of colours available, you can customize the centre and both side panels to get the perfect colour scheme for you and your equine friend.

  • Soft GRpx® technology harness

Feeling secure and at ease when you are riding is very important. The Charles Owen Ayr8 provides a leather-look Soft GRpx® technology harness that provides the rider with much better stability and comfort. A thumbs up form us!

Ayr8 Riding Helmet

RRP of the Ayr8 Riding helmet is normally upwards of £230. Although retailers regularly have sales meaning it can be picked up for a great price.

Ayr8 Riding Helmet Review Conclusion

The Charles Owen Ayr8 riding helmet seems to have it all and you couldn’t really ask for anything more. The reviews display mostly positives for this product and comments reiterate its great sense of style and comfort that would suit most riders.

Safety is obviously at the forefront of this brand and the great ventilation and lining features are a great addition. Charles Owen also offers a bespoke service on this helmet which could allow customers to get that perfect snug fit. Overall this is a great riding helmet, at a very reasonable price.

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