Daisy Jackson Dressage Column May 2016

Daisy Jackson Dressage Column

Daisy Jackson Dressage Column May 2016

I am now busier than I’ve ever been before! I’m working at my training yard riding in the mornings, teaching in the afternoons/evenings, teaching at clinics and competing at weekends! If anybody is interested in coming and having some lessons I have clinics now booked at Parley Equestrian Centre, Sparsholt College, Moreton Equestrian Centre, the Fortune centre, Chesfield in Hertfordshire to name just a few.

daisy jackson dressage column

I have had a brilliant month. So excited to announce the release of the new Wolds Exclusive Bling Revelation headpiece of which I have just started to use in combination with WEB’s Harmony drop noseband. This truly has been a ‘revelation’ for us because I have had the best training out of Tango that I have ever done before. For those of you that know Tango (Furst Larkshill) personally will know he is not the easiest boy, despite being the kindest and sweetest lad, he can also be very sensitive, tense and opinionated. He can get very stressed at the smallest changes. However, in the new bridle, he became much happier in the contact and felt softer through his back and more consistent in his frame throughout the week.

daisy jackson dressage Wolds Exclusive Bling Revelation headpiece
Wolds Exclusive Bling Revelation headpiece

I have also been having great fun getting 3 Year old Larkshill Divinity ready for backing. Divinity is jointly owned by Heather Stack and I. All the ground work and leaning over him has been done with very little reaction, he is very laid back and sweet so I am really looking forward to the day that I can soon be on board properly. We are aiming him at young horse classes next year which I am very excited about.

You can visit Daisy via her Facebook page or visit djdressage.co.uk

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