Stable Yard Etiquette – Top 15 Tips to help keep everyone happy ….

Stable Yard Etiquette – Top  15 Tips to help keep everyone happy

Let’s talk stable yard Etiquette….Ok, so it’s winter. To state the obvious, it’s cold, wet and if manage a couple of hours down the stables when there’s light around, you may notice that the once picturesque, stable yard has turned into the dump from hell!

Simple measures can be put in place to minimise winter upsets between everyone involved. Here we have selected a handful (well ok let’s say basketful) of guidelines to keep to as a rule of thumb for happy owners, loaners, horses and yard owners

  1. If you break it, replace it
  2. Ask before you borrow
  3. If you use someone’s shovel, yard brush or any other type of equipment, put it back where you found it
  4. Keep your patch clean! Brush up directly outside your stable daily, if you keep on top it’ll take only a few minutes
  5. Brush up after a hay/straw/feed delivery
  6. Try to avoid leaving a horse out on it’s own, come to an arrangement on the yard if this does happen, bring the last horse in before you leave and make sure the horse has access to hay and water
  7. Keep on top of your area in the tack room, don’t spill out over your allocated pitch
  8. Re-wind the hose if you’ve used it, not only is it a tripping hazard but the water that drains out of it will freeze on the yard if left out
  9. Brush up after a spill! Ice-skating is meant for the ice-rink, not the stable yard
  10. If you open a gate, close it……if you see one open, close that one too (unless it’s supposed to be open of course)
  11. EMPTY YOUR WHEELBARROWS …. and put them back

    Stable Yard - EMPTY YOUR WHEELBARROWS .... and put them back
    Stable Yard – EMPTY YOUR WHEELBARROWS …. and put them back
  12. Keep on top of the muckheap, throw it back don’t just ‘dump and run’
  13. Keep a walkway to each field area free from hazards and horses, don’t make it difficult for others to turn out and bring in
  14. Remove any unused hay and or droppings from field shelters to avoid vermin and rot to what is suppose to be keeping the horse warm and dry
  15. TURN OFF THE LIGHTS! If you’re the last one on the yard make sure all the lights that need to be turned off are and make sure the tack room and the gate to yard is locked!

It may be a good idea to have a yard meeting sooner rather than later to lay a few ground rules down. The less upset the more enjoyment will be had.

There are so many more basics that can keep the yard members happy over the colder months, and let’s admit it the summer too. A little thought and consideration will go a long way….

Please leave your tips below

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