19 Things That Horse Owners Can Relate To…


19 things that horse owners can relate to…

We do love our horses; the smell, touch and feel is enough to melt any equestrian’s heart BUT and thats a big but, as with anything in life days don’t often go as smoothly as intended.

Here we run down 19 points that, if you are a horse owner, you’ll be able to relate to.

  1. The hay man running late … again
  2. The colour of feed and water bowls have to co ordinate, pink for mare, blue for gelding (unless you’re a ‘girly girl’ and EVERYTHING is pink, even the geldings rug)
  3. Electric fencing that won’t stay in place
  4. Horses that escape, with said electric fencing being snapped (poles) and trodden into the mud (fencing) – each time reminding you of the need to buy a new battery
  5. Overflowing muck heaps and the individual that likes to dump at the bottom, every time!
  6. Wheelbarrows being left full
  7. Gates that don’t close without a lift, push, pull and a clang
  8. Having to collect the horse’s rug from the middle of the field, where he over so delicately placed it, in Jodhpur boots of even worse, trainers
  9. On the topic of mud, owners getting stuck in the mud whilst holding the gate with 5+ large horses cantering towards them is a particular favourite for nosey onlookers and outdoor enthusiasts
  10. Tacking up, climbing on board and entering the arena, only to realise the horse is lame
  11. On bringing a non ‘horsey’ friend to the yard, it’s a complete mess and the horse acts like a twit the entire time
  12. The snapped shavings falk is telling of a heavy winter
  13. Turning out when you’re in a rush and not being able to find the horse’s lead rope
  14. Getting to the yard to realise your muckers are at home and you have to muck out in work heels
  15. Horse shoes getting torn off in bog
  16. The items of tack and yard gear that just disappear
  17. Drumming up the enthusiasm to ride, yet when you arrive the arena is in use and there’s a 2 hour wait time
  18. Strange looks from shoppers in the supermarket, school mums and those in coffee shops
  19. Partners that never understand the importance of getting out of bed and down to the yard for 7am on a weekend

Sure we’ve missed some? Then leave your comments below…



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