How to watch Badminton Horse Trials on TV this weekend


Are you looking for ways to watch Badminton Horse Trials on TV this weekend? Then you’ve come to the right place! With this guide, you’ll learn all about how to watch Badminton Horse Trials from afar, as well as some tips and tricks on how to watch the event online and other streaming services. So sit back, relax, and let’s get started!

What is Badminton Horse Trials

Badminton Horse Trials is one of the world’s greatest equestrian events. Set in the beautiful grounds of Badminton Estate in Gloucestershire, England, it has become one of the most prestigious international three-day events in the world, attracting the best riders from around the globe. Being one of only two 5* events in the United Kingdom, the competition tests horse and rider over three days, consisting of dressage, followed by the cross-country test and the final show jumping phase.

It’s an event that requires physical and mental fitness from both horse and rider. Each year thousands of spectators (around 200,000) come together to compete and enjoy the thrill and excitement of the event. Badminton Horse Trials is for sure, an unmissable event for any horse enthusiast!

How to watch Badminton Horse Trials 2023

Please note: This year’s event will run slightly differently due to King Charles III’s coronation on Saturday, May 6th 2023.


Here are three ways you can watch Badminton Horse Trails on TV this year:

Subscribe to Badminton TV:  Badminton TV is the official place to watch Badminton Horse Trials live coverage in 2023 and is a subscription based internet TV channel.

Watch Live: The online live streaming service (a part of the Badminton TV subscription package) will show the live action during each phase of Badminton Horse Trials except for the top 10 show jumping which will be broadcast (free to air) on BBC 2 and the BBC website iPlayer for viewers in the UK. International subscribers will be able to watch the top 10 live on Badminton TV.

Watch Highlights On The BBC: the BBC will be airing a highlights programme on BBC2 on Monday 8th May. The programme will also show the final 10 showjumping rounds live. There will be no Red Button coverage of the event. The only way to watch the live stream will be through Badminton TV.

You may also choose to follow the action on social media. Be sure to follow Badminton Horse Trials on their official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, as they will post regular updates throughout the event. 


No matter how you choose to watch Badminton Horse Trials 2023, you’re sure to have an exciting time!

More about Badminton TV

Badminton TV is the official streaming service for the world-famous Badminton Horse Trials. Through this service, you can watch the event live from anywhere in the world. Subscribers to Badminton TV will have access to exclusive footage, interviews, and behind-the-scenes coverage of the world’s leading equestrian event.

The 2023 Badminton Horse Trials will take place between Thursday, May 4th, and Monday 8th, and the streaming service is available for those who wish to watch the event without attending in person.

Benefits of Subscribing to Badminton TV

Subscribers of Badminton TV will get access to exclusive content and behind-the-scenes footage that is not available anywhere else. This includes exclusive interviews with riders and trainers and up-to-date news on the event. As well as watching the entire four-day event live, subscribers can also watch highlights of past events, as well as original short films and features from the event – including the cross-country preview!

For those wishing to watch the Badminton Horse Trials on TV, Badminton TV is the ideal solution. It allows people to experience the excitement of the event from anywhere in the world, and to be part of the history and legacy of one of the world’s most prestigious equestrian events. Click here to find out more.

Radio Badminton

Radio Badminton is an online radio station dedicated to Badminton Horse Trials. It is the perfect way to stay up to date on all of the news, results, and commentary of the world’s most prestigious eventing competition. Radio Badminton is broadcast live from the Badminton Horse Trials on an FM frequency as well as streamed online from the event’s website.

Listeners can tune in to Radio Badminton to hear up-to-the-minute coverage and interviews with riders, trainers, officials, and spectators as well as highlights from the competition.

Top Tip: Held up in traffic on the way into the event? Tune in to Radio Badminton to help pass the time away and keep up to date with what you’re missing!

To listen to Radio Badminton, simply visit the Badminton Horse Trials website at and click on the ‘Listen Now’ button. You can also tune in via FM radio frequency 87.7FM in the UK.

Feature Image: Laura Collett and winning horse London 52 with the Badminton Horse Trials Trophy with groom Tilly Hughes

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