Best Horse Fly Masks

Horse Fly Mask

Best Horse Fly Masks

Horse fly masks are a spring summer essential. Protecting against every bug, horse fly face masks can help prevent infection, irritation and discomfort. Discover a fly mask to suit every horse.

Horse Fly Masks


Shires Horse Fly Face Mask

The Shires Horse Fly Mask is a fine mesh fly veil. This mask features air stream fabric on the ears to offer excellent protection against small flies and midges. Meanwhile, the shaping, elastic poll insert, and fleece padding along the seams keeps the fly mask away from the eyes and ensures a close fit. Specially designed, breathable fabrics allow for all-day comfort with adjustable touch close safety straps. Plus, it offers 70+% average UV blocking, helping to diminish the risk of sunburn and sun bleaching.

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Harrison Howard Horse Fly Face Mask

The Harrison Howard horse fly mask is a unique design, anatomically shaped for comfort, durability and reduced rubbing. Thick fleece padding, avoid gapping for extra protection, all the while, preventing pressure marks. High-tech fabrics mean this make is midge-proof but breathable for skin-friendly protection. It has secure touch closures and translucent mesh provides high visibility and lab-tested UV-protection.

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Cashel Crusader Horse Fly Face Mask

The Crusader Fly Face Mask ensure comfort and maintains appearance in one. With its patented three-hole cap eliminates forelock damage and ensures comfort with its unique design that stays put while your horse is stalled or turned out in the pasture. Soft coated nylon micro mesh blocks 70% of the sun’s damaging UV rays and protects the sensitive, soft tissues of the eyes and forehead.

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