BEDE Events announce new opportunities for amateur riders in 2024

BEDE Events announce new incentives for amateur riders.

BEDE Events has announced a new development for the 2024 season that features further incentives and opportunities for amateur riders to aim for.

This, the latest offering from BEDE Events, welcomes support from top industry brands such as Charles Owen and Agria Equine Lifetime.

Highest Placed Amateur across all events!

With the support of Charles Owen, BEDE Events is pleased to offer a prize for the highest-placed amateur across all of their events. The prize will be applicable to all classes, from BE80 to Advanced, with international classes also included.

Rosettes will be awarded to the highest-placed amateurs, plus special prizes resulting from a prize draw of leading amateurs across individual events.


At the end of the season, one lucky rider will win a specialist hat fitting and a new Charles Owen hat of their choice.

Charles Owen’s Marketing Manager, Maisie Sturge commented: 

“Charles Owen is delighted to announce our support for Bede Events by recognizing the highest placed amateur rider across their competitions. As a leading manufacturer of riding helmets, we are committed to promoting safety and excellence in equestrian sports. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with the BEDE Events team further to enhance the experience for riders and enthusiasts alike.”

Osberton International (2)

Following the successful addition of the CC1* in 2023, with the support of Agria Equine Lifetime, this year’s CCI1* will be split into Professional and Amateur sections, should entries allow.

The creation of two separate sections will allow amateur riders to compete against each other for the prestigious title of an international winner. The amateur market is a large part of our sport, and by offering this opportunity to compete against their peers, BEDE Events feels it will allow for the fairest competition possible and complement the ethos of the Agria BE100 League.

Vicki Wentworth, MD of Agria UK and herself an eventer, says: 

“Agria is delighted to support the CCI* and Agria BE100 League which recognises the dedication and talent of the one- or two-horse amateur rider. We well know how much work, investment — and fun — goes into riding at a good standard and it’s this sort of partnership that Agria supports with our Lifetime Equine policy that allows veterinary conditions and ailments to be covered year after year, giving your horse the very best care possible. Best of luck to all those competing in 2024.”

National Novice Three-Day

Following its introduction in 2023, and running alongside the existing CCI2*L, the National Novice ‘trophy classes’ is restricted to non-FEI registered riders. Although not specifically restricted to amateurs, it is hoped that the continuation of the National Novice will encourage increased numbers of amateur riders to target Osberton International (2) as an end-of-season destination.

BEDE Events Director, Stuart Buntine commented:

“The aim is to provide an end-of-season destination event for non-FEI registered riders that runs in a 3-day format. We appreciate that there are many riders who choose to follow the National class route and not target FEI events, and we wanted to create something special for this classification of horse and rider.  By keeping MERs simple we can create an end of season trophy that many Novice and Intermediate riders can aim for.”

BEDE Events Line-up for 2024 – Part of the Tri-Star Eventing Group

  • Oasby (1) Horse Trials 7th – 10th March 2024
  • The Eventing Spring Carnival – Thoresby Park 29th – 31st March 2024
  • Solihull Horse Trials 20th – 21st April 2024
  • Osberton International (1) 3rd – 5th May 2024
  • Agria Lifetime Equine Shelford (1) Horse Trials 26th – 28th May 2024
  • BCA Horse Trials 8th – 9th June 2024
  • Catton Park Horse Trials 15th – 16th June 2024
  • Brightling Horse Trials 29th – 30th June 2024
  • Solihull Horse Trials 17th – 18th August 2024
  • Agria Lifetime Equine Shelford (2) Horse Trials 24th – 26th August 2024
  • Osberton International (2) Horse Trials 3rd – 6th October 2024
  • Oasby (2) Horse Trials 19th – 20th October 2024  

Further information can be found on the BEDE Events website.

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