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Lameness with no heat or swelling

Lameness Assessment and Investigation

Lameness assessment and investigation for the horse Following our first article looking at how to spot lameness in the horse, ...
is hacking out as good as turnout?

Is Hacking As Good As Turnout?

Is hacking as good as turnout? Hacking and turnout for your horse are somewhat similar, in terms of benefits. They ...
Boots and bandages can help prevent external forces causing joint injury

How To Protect Your Horse’s Joints

Are you doing enough to protect your horse’s joints? Joint health is key to every horse performing and feeling at ...
Laminitis, a typical stance of a horse or pony suffering from laminitis

Laminitis in Horses

Laminitis is an extremely painful condition affecting the sensitive layers (laminae) of the hoof resulting in pain, inflammation and in ...

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