Agria Lifetime Equine BE100 League 2024: Exciting Opportunities for Competitors!

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Agria Lifetime Equine BE100 League Promises Exciting Opportunities for Amateur Riders in 2024 Season

Amateur riders across the UK are gearing up for an exhilarating 2024 season as the Agria Lifetime Equine BE100 League unveils its plans to expand and reward competitors. Sponsored by the world’s oldest pet insurer, Agria, this league offers a unique platform for amateur riders to showcase their skills and compete for major prizes.

The league, which spans across eighteen British Eventing events, will now encompass a broader range of fixtures beyond those organized by BEDE Events. This expansion aims to provide more opportunities for riders to earn points and vie for prestigious prizes at the end of the season.

One of the highlights of the league is its grand finale, set to take place at the CCI1* class during October’s esteemed Osberton International Horse & Driving Trials. Qualified riders will have the chance to showcase their talents on a prominent stage and compete for top honours.

In a bid to ensure fair competition, the league is open to registered members of British Eventing who haven’t competed at the Intermediate level or above in the past five years. Additionally, participants are limited to competing with two horses or fewer throughout the 2024 season, promoting inclusivity and a level playing field for all.


Points accumulation follows a structured format, with various criteria determining the points awarded at each event. From starting and completing the course to jumping clear in both showjumping and cross-country phases, riders have multiple avenues to earn points and climb up the league standings.

Moreover, the league introduces new developments for the 2024 season, including Pro/Am sections at Osberton International (2), allowing professionals and amateurs to compete separately for a fairer contest.

Excitement is building among competitors as Agria enhances the prize pot for league events, offering cash prizes, branded goodies, and sponsorship packages to top performers.

Agria will be enhancing the prize pot for these events with:

  • £1500 cash prize pot for the league, including £700 to the winner
  • Agria goodies for the top 3
  • Agria sponsorship package for the year, including branded kit, photoshoot and lesson with one of Agria’s sponsored riders to the winner

Vicki Wentworth, MD of Agria UK, expressed delight in supporting amateur riders and emphasized the importance of partnerships like these in promoting equestrian sports:


“Agria is delighted to support this series which recognises the dedication and talent of the one- or two-horse amateur rider. We well know how much work, investment — and fun — goes into riding at a good standard and it’s this sort of partnership that Agria supports with our Lifetime Equine policy that allows veterinary conditions and ailments to be covered year after year, giving your horse the very best care possible. Best of luck to all those competing in the 2024 Agria Lifetime Equine BE100 League.”

Stuart Buntine, Director of BEDE Events, echoed the sentiment, highlighting the positive reception of last year’s league and expressing gratitude for Agria’s increased support. With all roads leading to Osberton at the end of the season, anticipation is high for what promises to be a thrilling year of competition:

“Last year’s Agria League was very well received by competitors, and we noticed a trend of riders targeting included events to gain points, some travelling out of area to seek out new venues.  Once again, we’re indebted to the increased support from Agria to enable this initiative to proceed once again.

We’re looking forward to working with a wider network of events for the league, with all roads leading to Osberton at the end of the season.”

For those eager to join the league, pre-registration is essential, with points not retroactively awarded for events completed before registration. Full details and registration forms can be found on the league’s official website.

As the 2024 season unfolds, amateur riders across the country are poised to embark on an unforgettable journey of competition, camaraderie, and sporting excellence in the Agria Lifetime Equine BE100 League.

Find out more by visiting the BEDE Events League Webpage.


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