8 Things Horses Do Now It’s Spring

horses do now its spring

 8 Things Horses Do Now It’s Spring

Horses and Spring, we love it really….

Out goes the fluffy monster stood in the stable munching on hay, in comes the gladiator of the horse world…yes we’re talking about your horse. The quieter winter month’s may have fooled you into thinking your horse has turned over a new leaf, let us warn you though as things may be about to (if they haven’t already) start to change ….

Turnout turns into survival of the fittest, what may have been a 15 minute drag to the field could now turn into a 5 second gallop from stable to gate

Prepare for further battle on return to the field to get the blighters back in

Leisurely hacks may turn into manic outings where unnecessary leg action is standard, movements including half pass and other delightful tiptoeing of the hooves are spontaneously preformed throughout the usual hacking route

Schooling sessions are much shorter as walk, trot, canter and other movements are complete in almost 3 minutes, you on the other hand only managed one foot in the stirrup

Prepare to cough. splutter, sneeze and itch your way through the next two weeks as your horse decides to shed all his winter coat in record-breaking time

Unexplained spooking including breaking of headcollars, ropes and several fingers as  your horse’s stealth like behaviour commences, all whilst being tied up to the usual ring, in the usual place, surrounded by …. the usual things!

Cause unnecessary concern upon entering the field as your horse is nowhere to be seen, (owner gasps)  no he’s not been stolen, best check that spare field, after all the grass is always greener on the other side and energy levels are at an all time high making that fence easier and much more appealing to jump over

It’s showtime and the past 24 hours of preening was a complete waste of time as you return to the stables the next day to find your horse has ripped the lightweight rug off, used it as a toilet area and finished off by having a good role over said area

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