Pasture Management Essentials For Horse Owners

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Pasture Management Essentials For Horse Owners

Discover pasture management essentials for horse owners.

The thought of having to bring our horse in from their turnout early, because there is no grass left to eat, is unbearable! That’s why we’ve rounded up some pasture management essentials for horse owners, which are a must-have in every tool-kit. Easy to get your hands on and easy to use, having these items on hand will make sure your grass lasts!

Pasture Management Essentials

Waldbeck Heavyload Wheelbarrow

A multi-tasking wonder, every horse owner has one of these! The Waldbeck Heavyload Wheelbarrow a wheelbarrow is not only a pasture-management essential but a yard essential. Perfect for everything from mucking out to poo picking, or just transporting multiple items in one trip.

With mischievous ponies trying their luck in the field, it may be worth investing in two-wheeled design. Two wheels means no ‘accidental’ spills and is much easier to push along the uneven ground of fields.


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Tubtrug Tidee

Shavings forks will just not do when your tackling the field environment. With patches of long grass to tackle, a scoop and rake is just what you need. The Tubtrug Tidee makes poo picking easy, quick and means you don’t remove half your field’s grass instead of the manure! Plus you can get it in the colours pink, pistachio, purple, or sky blue.


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Stubbs Jumbo Water Bucket

For those without the luxury of automatic water troughs, make sure your horse has an adequate water supply with the Stubbs Jumbo Water Bucket.

Water provision should be enough to supply your horse for at least 24 hours. This is due to sunlight exposure causing quicker evaporation of liquids and reduce water availability. Sturdy and without sharp edges, we love the Stubbs Jumbo Water Bucket design, for peace of mind!


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Horse Pasture Management Essentials - Fyna Lite Multi-Weeda

Fyna Lite Multi-Weeda

Pull out weeds at root to prevent them from reoccurring. Make sure they are pulled before flowering, as this will reduce the spread of seeds. The Fyna Lite Multi-Weeda comes in blue and pink, and is great for docks and prickly thistles too!


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Rotating your grazing is a great way to ensure your grass lasts well into autumn. This means grass isn't nibbled to the ground and prevents scorched and patches with no grass at all!

It is also a great idea to sacrifice a small area of turnout for those more wintery days. This area can be churned up to heart's content, and may also prove beneficial for winter turnout!

Agrifence Megaline 2 Superior Polywire

The Agrifence Megaline 2 Superior Polywire is high visibility and is over 30 x more conductive than standard polywire -perfect for securing any paddock! Large 0.5mm galvanised steel wires wound into a unique cross-over design make this design almost indestructible. Suitable for medium to long fence lines in most conditions.


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Agrifence Duo 6 Engergiser

The Agrifence Duo 6 Energiser is a very versatile unit with power that belies its price and size. The energiser can run from either 4 x D-Cell torch batteries or a 12v rechargeable battery. This is a very popular equestrian fencer and is suitable for either short dividing fences or for perimeter fences, up to 4-6 acres.


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