How to Build the Perfect Horse Stable

Horse stood in stable

How to Build the Perfect Horse Stable

Your horses are like family members, which means you want to make sure they have every creature comfort.

A substantial part of making your horse feel at home is creating a great home for them!

If you have the land and money ready to go, it is time to create a stable you’d be comfortable spending a night in, one that feels like home.

Check out these tips and tricks that every horse owner needs to know before breaking ground!


Work With Professionals

Like most people who work on a farm, you are probably pretty handy already. But don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Always work with accredited professionals who have been through a contractor training center and have experience with stables and barns.

Working with a contractor will provide transparency about total costs. Plus, you’ll be able to take more risks and undertake design challenges that you couldn’t handle independently. If you’re only looking to refit your existing stables, Scotts internal stabling solutions might be exactly what you’re after, but companies like this also offer end-to-end services. This means they can help you with everything from design to building completion, so whether you’re simply refurbishing or building anew, it’s always a good idea to use professionals who have a wealth of experience under their hat.

Always Add a Wash Bay to the Stable Area

We like to think our horses love to luxuriate in the shower just as much as humans. Plus, it’s good for their overall health to stay clean!

By including a wash bay as a room in the block of stables, you can make time for an indoor shower any time of year. Keep this room far from hay, food, or other organic materials that attract mould. If possible, install concrete flooring with a drain well for optimum cleanliness.

Aim for about 12′ X 12′ for the size of the bay. That is ample room for the horse to turn around and remain comfortable.

Have Excellent Ventilation

A simple cross breeze is not enough to remove excess moisture from a stable. Roof vents at a bare minimum will prevent stale air from getting trapped in the ceiling.

Industrial fans can help airflow either in or out of the stable, depending on the external weather.

On large-scale farms, installing an entire HVAC system may be necessary for proper ventilation. But on a small scale, simply adding 2-foot overhangs off the roof will encourage fresh air to blow inside the stable.

Fresh air is essential for healthy living, so always prioritise ventilation.

Keep Hay Separate

It’s best to store hay in an adjacent building. If you keep hay in the stable, your horses will overeat, and you’ll wake up to a mess and stuffed horses ready for a nap.

Hay is also notoriously flammable. Offsite hay will keep any fires away from the animals. A spooked horse in a burning barn is not a situation you want to handle, so save yourself and your horse now.

Have Natural Light

Imagine a bedroom with no windows — unpleasant, isn’t it? Horses need light to keep their natural sleep rhythms in sync.

Large windows will also lower your energy bill and keep your stable warm in the winter. Save money and make your equine friends comfortable — it’s a win-win!


Get started today on creating the horse stable of your dreams.

Always put the needs and comforts of the horses first. A happy horse is easier to manage and will show its thanks with good behaviour

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