USG Eco Flexi Body Protector Review

USG Eco Flexi Body Protector Review

USG Eco Flexi Body Protector Review

Here we conduct a USG Eco Flexi Body Protector Review ahead of lockdown restrictions being eased and competition gets back underway for our sport.

In some equestrian disciplines, body protectors are a compulsory piece of kit such as the likes of Cross Country and Racing. You won’t be able to get away at competition without one due to the increased risks the discipline imposes.

Body protectors are a wise idea for any rider and do protect your back and vital organs from trauma and injury. They are not always the most comfortable to wear which is why some riders choose to eliminate them. It’s true to say getting the right body protector for you can make all difference to how comfortable you feel. Getting the right fit is key to comfort.

Let’s take a closer look at the USG Eco Flexi Body Protector and how this product can contribute to your time in the saddle.


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Who is USG?

USG is a German-based company founded by Stefan Schwanbeck and have been providing equestrian products for over 20 years. They offer a complete line of equestrian products for both the competition and leisure rider as well as apparel for outdoor enthusiasts.

The brand aims to provide high-quality products at very affordable prices. Body protectors are one of USG’s key product lines and are worn by some of the top equestrian riders such as Ingrid Klimke, Michael Freund, and Julia Krajewski. If it’s good enough for them, then it’s good enough for us!

Key Features of the USG Eco Flexi Body Protector


The USG Eco Flexi Body Protector is designed with a block structure system of shock-absorbing panels that provide an all-round nice fit. The blocks mould neatly to the shape of your body, giving you a snug, secure fit. Flexibility is important whilst riding and some body protectors can restrict movement. No-one wants to feel like they are wearing a cement block around their upper body during training sessions

USG Eco Flexi Body Protector Review
USG Eco Flexi Body Protector Review
Multi sizing

We love that this body protector comes in multiple sizing for both adults and children. Fitting is vitally important for any great fitting body protector and USG provides 6 different sizes for children alone. We come in all different shapes and sizes so the more sizing options available the easier it is for us to find apparel that moulds to our body well.

Easy Clean

There’s nothing worse than buying a great product that is an absolute nightmare to keep clean. Body protectors tend to get sweaty and dirty so they need to be cleaned regularly. The USG Eco Flexi Body Protector is a super easy clean option. The outer casing has been made with polyester which can be simply wiped down for ultimate convenience.

Secure Fit

Having multiple closures on a body protector can be helpful to ensure you can achieve a snug, safe fit. The USG doesn’t disappoint and consists of two separate tape closures at both the shoulder and the waist. This is much more effective than a single zip alone.


Overall we like this body protector. There is nothing fancy about the design and this in our opinion would be on the lower scale of quality in comparison to some of the other body protectors we have reviewed. Despite this, the safety level is high and meets European standards EN13158-2018 Level 3 and BETA Level 3 for peace of mind.

We love the block structure of this product which gives the rider maximum flexibility. An easy-clean option like this is also very appealing.

In terms of cost, we can’t fault the price. This is a very reasonably priced body protector and providing you can get a great fit from one their sizing, this is a very good option for any cost-conscious equestrians.

Remember you can check The Best Body Protectors of the Year Here. 


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