Tried & Tested – Ladies Shaped Equestrian Underwear

Tried & Tested - Ladies Shaped Equestrian Underwear

Tried & Tested – Ladies Shaped Equestrian Underwear

This month Everything Horse sponsored rider, Steph Gumn, trialled the Ladies Shaped Equestrian Underwear from Calm Leisure. All of the Calm Leisure branded products are innovatively made here in the UK with those who are active, in and out of the saddle, in mind.

Here’s what Steph had to say:

“I have been using the ladies shaped equestrian pants now for a couple of months, and I have to say how very impressed I’ve been. I wasn’t sure at first how much difference pants could make! The special design prevents them riding up and creasing when in the saddle, which also prevents any discomfort!! They are a really soft material and hide well even under the tightest of breeches! They have washed well and kept their shape over the past few months, I am really impressed and would definitely buy more!”

Sponsored rider Steph Gumn
Sponsored rider StephGumn

Ladies Shaped Equestrian Underwear

British Made from Natural Breathable Bamboo Fibre, Unique design with arched front leg and boxer back which stay in place whilst allowing you freedom of movement.

RRP £19.95

Where to buy…

Visit  or call 07879 108224


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