Best Leather Headcollars

Best Leather Headcollars

Discover the best leather headcollars on the equestrian market. Not only perfect for travel and comfort, but a timeless staple that should feature in every horse’s wardrobe.

Shires Blenheim Deluxe Padded Leather Headcollar

The Shires Blenheim Deluxe Padded Leather Headcollar is the perfect addition to any travel kit. Simple, smart and sleek, the headcollar’s design does not compromise on classic style or comfort for that matter, with wide, pressure-relieving padded sections across the poll and nose. Easy to adjust, with buckles on both sides, and a clipped throat lash, this headcollar will be your new go-to.

LeMieux Anatomic Leather Headcollar

Provide complete comfort for your horse with the LeMieux Anatomic Headcollar. Crafted to fit the shape of your horse’s head, this headcollar is sculpted to relieve pressure points that traditional headcollars may cause. Based on traditional designs, this headcollar is comfort staple for travel and everyday yard activities.

Hy Leather Headcollar

Hy’s super-affordable leather headcollar is perfect for everyday use. From turnout to travel, the supple leather is durable enough to withstand some rough-play, but suppleness enough to allow your horse to escape danger if needs be! Adjust for a snug fit and personalise the featured name-plate for a more luxurious look!

Mark Todd Leather Headcollar

The Mark Todd Leather Head Collar is a simple yet effectively designed headcollar; perfect for those who want something to just do the job! The flattened leather is perfect for attaching accessories such as poll guards, nose nets, and any other fiddly attachment. Meanwhile, being soft and durable, this headcollar still provide optimal comfort.

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