The Best Field Safe Headcollars

field safe headcollars

Field safe headcollars are a great way of ensuring our horse’s safety, and a great alternative to scuffing and damaging our favourite leather headcollars. Using one of these headcollars means that our horses are easier to catch, and if they get stuck on low-lying branches they can easily slip free.

Why use a headcollar in the field?

In many cases, especially during the summer months, it can be hard to catch a horse or pony. For whatever reason (normally grass, friends and playtime) our four legged friends decide to give their owner the run around before being caught. Any horse owner will tell you that keeping a head collar on the horse will help make it easier to catch the horse as clipping a lead rope on only takes a second.

Why not use a normal headcollar?

Field safe headcollars come with the added security that should you horse get their head stuck, a part of the headcollar will come apart in order for the horse to break free. The added security feature can include a toughened velcro release point that is strong enough to remain in place when leading and tying the horse up, yet able to release in an emergency. Using the same principles, breakaway clips, and leather buckles are also used.

Before field safe headcollars were available horse owners would opt for a leather one instead, as this would be easier than nylon to snap in the field should the need arise. However, with the cost of leather items continually on the rise, and in most cases them being saved for competition, the field safe headcollar was born.

Not only does this type of headcollar save on cost of replacement, it also helps prevent injury caused by struggle. This can include superficial injuries and those affecting the musculoskeletal structure.

Field Safe Head Collars For Horses

Horseware Field Safe Headcollar

Horseware FieldSafe Headcollar

The Horseware FieldSafe Headcollar is just as durable as it is safe. A quick release cheek clip, adjustable nose band and reusable Velcro release point will have you reaching for this headcollar time and time again! With reflective labels, you can ensure your horse is easy to spot in the dark too!


Roma Breakaway Headcollar

Roma Breakaway Headcollar

The Roma Breakaway Headcollar is a nylon headcollar with a difference. Providing the durability and comfort of your standard nylon accessory, it also features a leather tab for an emergency release if your horse were to become entangled. Finished with nickel-plated buckles and a throat strap with trigger clip, this headcollar is deceivingly safe.

 Rhinegold Field Safe Headcollar [Metal Free]

No buckles, no worries. The Rhinegold Metal Free Field Safe Headcollar is perfect for those horses who cannot keep themselves out of trouble, with no buckles to catch or get hooked. The metal free design is also great if your horse suffers with metal/zinc sensitivity. A must have in every equestrian tool kit!

 Hy Equestrian Fieldsafe Headcollar

This headcollar is made from hard wearing and durable nylon and features velcro attachment and a quick release on the cheek. Adjustable noseband and velcro breaking point.

QUICK FIX: Shires Aviemore Headcollar Breakaway Attachment

If you have a growing collection of headcollars and looking for a way to get some use out of them, the Shire’s Aviemore Headcollar Breakaway attachment is for you. An easy way to transform a standard headcollar into a field-safe accessory, this attachment creates a weak point, which should easily break under pressure.

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