Best Hoof Oil Alternatives Every Horse Owner Needs

Boots and bandages can help prevent external forces causing joint injury

The Best Hoof Oil Alternatives Every Horse Owner Needs

Looking for hoof oil alternatives? We’ve found the best! With hoof oil not being every horse owner’s cup of tea, due to the liquid formulation making them a little bit messy and harder to store, these substitute nourishing hoof ointments will do just the trick!

We’ve rounded up some of the best hoof oil alternatives, so you don’t miss the benefits in your summer hoof care routine.


Veredus Honey Hoof

Veredus Honey Hoof (1L)

As the name states, Veredus Honey Hoof is complete with the addition of the essential ingredient, honey. The formulation is of a grease-type consistency making application easy and mess-free, unlike some hoof oils. A great natural softener, the unique blend of honey helps to create a more elastic and flexible hoof wall. Working miracles, the enhanced hoof flexibility, this product creates, reduces the occurrence of cracks and chips to the hoof wall and might just prolong your next farrier visit. This ‘must-have’ can be used across the entire hoof wall, sole and frog for perfectly nourished feet!

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Silverfeet Hoof Balm – Natural (400ml)

Silverfeet Hoof Balm combines a unique blend of natural oils, with the pioneering addition of sliver ions. Silver ions are well known to fight bad bacteria, which can be the cause of detrimental hoof problems, whilst the vegetable oil and beeswax-base condition and protect hooves come rain or shine. Using eco-sustainable sources to create their blends, plus it’s availability in a variety of colours such as pink and blue, there’s no excuse not to be using this hoof conditioner in your hoof care routine!

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Keratex Coconut Hoof Balm – Clear (400g)

Love coconut? Then Keratex’s Coconut Hoof Balm is the one for you! A premium blend of coconut oil, beeswax and tea-tree oil, this all-natural hoof condition will leave feet stunningly glossy and natural cleansed! Protecting from the elements, the formula also provides breathability which is an essential when recovering from hoof ailments.  Incorporate into your daily hoof care routine, for non-stop protection!

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