What Type of Horse Do You Own

What type of horse do you own. Image credit SG Sports Horses

What Type of Horse Do You Own

What type of horse do you own? Here we take a look at some of the most typical horse type personalities most yards have to offer.

The Drama Queen, or King

I see a leaf and jump in the air, height equivalent to a four story building. I hack out with my head higher than a HGV, with my tail swinging from side to side, ready to whinny my heart out at the sight of another horse. I don’t like leaves, bin bags, poles in the school, empty sweet wrappers, my own shaddow, squirrels, rabbits, cars, vans, trucks, lorries, dogs behind fences; well you get the point. If I hurt myself I’ll be ‘dog lame’ for a considerable period. If it rains I will freeze, almost to death, so I require layers of rugs or stabling until the awful weather has subsided. Anything new will take a lot of getting use to and I spend the majority of life with my eye’s popping from my skull as I experience, experiences, like no other horses have to face. i.e removing a brightly coloured water bucket from my stable. I’ll load, but only after hours of reassurance the box won’t ‘eat me up’ once I’m inside.

The Bomb Proof Plodder


You can take me anywhere and I hardly batter an eyelid. You may not be able to make a dressage grand prix horse out of me but hell, sure-fire you can ride me across any road you like. I’m not bothered by vehicles, small or large, and walk over grids and through farms like a dream. I don’t need rugs, or any overly ambitious stable entertainment to keep me happy, as I’m easily pleased with a haynet and some water. I’m suitable for the most novice of owners and I hardly put a hoof wrong. A child can take me to and from the field with ease and my attitude stays the same all year round. I’m what my field mates owner would love their horse to be, happy, safe and sane. I’m easy to do in all ways, and I don’t mind the vet, farrier or dentist!

The Warriorwarrior horse

I drag you to and from the field. You’ll prefer to turn me out in a bridle, or perhaps a chifney. I stand proud in my paddock, as the sun shines down on my coat. I spend my days battling with other field mates for not only herd recognition, but the best piece of grass. I’ll be first out of the gate when it comes to bed time and woe betide you leaving me till last to feed. I kick my door in protest of the new horse, I prefer to give him, or her, the OK before they are let into the field. I’m known in the herd for my speed, agility and down right stupidity. Riding me is somewhat entertaining as I’d prefer to demonstrate how ‘warrior like’ I can actually be, rather than listening to simple instructions from my rider. I spend a good period of my life on two legs (front or back) and prefer to stay that way. I am, legend….

The Superstar

British Horse Feeds banner fibre beet

I go out competing most weekends and through the week too. I win every class in sight, HOYS is an annual outing and the odd trip to Olympia doesn’t go a miss. The judges, and crowd, love me. I’ve been on the front cover of most magazines and just so happen to make my rider look like they know what they’re doing. I stand in the field with several rugs on, even on the sunniest of days. I don’t like to fight, I prefer an extended trot with arched neck and exaggerated hind movement across the field to show my worth. My tack is worth more than your house, and my stable is pristine. I have a fancy show name that even my owner can’t pronounce and turn heads where ever I go. My owner covers me in bling and matching bandages, saddle-pads and fly fringes.

The Stroppy Mare

Yes so what I’m chestnut (or another similar solid colour)! I don’t like you unless your feeding me or doing something that will generally make me happy. I don’t want to be your friend, all I’d like is a set routine, for you to turn me out and let me bully my field mates. If you’d like to ride me, then do so quickly and don’t expect me to follow behind another horse. I don’t like you to touch my girth area, nor do I like rump scratch. I like my space so leave me in it, on my own. Please do not breed from me as it won’t ‘chill me out’ nor will it make me a happier horse!

More types to follow soon …..