Storm Saddle Soap Review

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Cleaning your tack regularly is an important part of riding and saddles incur as much dirt, wear and tear as bridles do. It is recommended that you clean your saddle daily or at least after every ride particularly if it has got wet or muddy. The majority of saddles are made from 100% leather that requires a particular type of care, however, synthetic saddles also need some attention and shouldn’t be neglected.

Regardless of what materials your saddle is made from, a good clean with saddle soap is always recommended. It is great for removing dirt and mud, particularly from the stitching that can be difficult to eliminate from water alone. Saddle soap can also help with softening the leather which can be handy for newer leather that tends to be on the tougher side.

Finding a good saddle soap is a necessary part of taking care of your tack and can aid in keeping your saddle and bridle spotlessly clean and looking brand new. Let’s take a look at the Storm Saddle Soap and all it has to offer.

Who is Storm?

Storm is a company that is based in Derbyshire in the UK that has been developing, manufacturing, and distributing outdoor products since 2003. All products are made in England and Storm believes that customers should get the very most out of their kit through maximum usage and performance. Quite a big proportion of their range is eco-friendly. Made from alternatives to plastic or at the very least recyclable plastic packaging. We love a company that is environmentally conscious and contributes to eliminating waste for a better world.


Key Features of the Storm Saddle Soap

Natural Ingredients

The Storm Saddle Soap is made from all-natural ingredients and contains no harsh chemicals. This is a traditional formula and is made up of glycerine and lanolin which helps to thoroughly clean your saddle for a fresh new look. Lanolin, which is sometimes known as Wool Yolk is a waxy, oily ingredient that is secreted by the sebaceous glands of wool-bearing animals, usually sheep. It really soaks into leather way below the surface, to ensure your saddle gets the deep clean it deserves.

Maintains Softness

Keeping leather soft and supple is important. Water alone tends to harden leather which can cause unsightly cracks and creases. This not only means your saddle can get damaged much easier, but it also contributes to the aging of your saddle. It won’t look very new for long using water alone. The Storm Saddle Soap is made from oily natural ingredients that help to keep your saddle soft, supple, and flexible whilst providing a smooth feel to touch.

Shiny Finish

Some saddle soaps can be a great cleaning tool, but can often leave the leather looking dull and lifeless. Storm Saddle Soap has been designed to leave your saddle looking as shiny as new. Once you’ve finished soaping the saddle, all you need to do is give it a quick once over with a dry cloth to leave the leather gleaming.

Free From

Remember when I mentioned that this company is environmentally friendly? Well, they aim to ensure all their products are sustainable and take great pride in providing plastic-free packaging that can be easily recycled and will not end up in landfills or the ocean. The Storm Saddle Soap is also free from PFC, PFOA, and PFOS which are chemicals frequently used in manufacturing and industry processes. These chemicals have proven to be both a health and an environmental hazard so you can be sure there is nothing toxic here!

British Horse Feeds banner fibre beet

Storm Saddle Soap is a versatile product that has been specifically designed for leather. This is particularly handy as so many horse products are made from leather. When you think about all the riding gear you own as well as that of your horse you can see the volume of leather items you are using or coming into contact with daily. This saddle soap can be used on any of your leather products such as bridles, boots (yours and your horses), girths, breastplates, martingales, and any other leather garment you may use such as gloves. As long as they are made from leather the Storm Saddle Soap will do the job!


Overall, we really like the versatility of this saddle soap. It is great that it can be used for other riding kits such as bridles and riding boots. Who doesn’t want a nice pair of shiny riding boots next to their gleaming saddle right?

This is a very environmentally conscious company that gets a big thumbs up from us. So many products are still made or packaged with plastic that is neither recyclable nor biodegradable. It’s great that Storm has looked into what they are using to package their products as well as the chemicals used during the manufacturing process.

We think this soap would work very well keeping your saddle clean and looking its best. This is a bit on the expensive side for a bar of soap, but we believe the cost is worth it and can be conveniently used on many other leather products in your possession.